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2 Replies to “Dr. Gosnell’s House of Abortion Horrors”

  1. No doubt he was trying to keep the Christian Population at a level his allah would approve of,verdict –MONSTER,put HIM down.

  2. You hire a gunman, that’s what he’s going to do. From what I hear he was good at his job and liked it. As to exclusively killing Kuffars, (if that was his intent and made innocent when saying an abattoir prayer), I have no evidence that he had ever crossed from Moderate to Faithful.

    And anyway, in or outside a bag of skin, her puppy was always at the mercy of the mother’s lifestyle, for the abortion of intent had already occurred in her head, loooooong-tyme.

    So why aren’t these ringleaders in court? Why aren’t those Clones-of-She out there supporting him, (and Associate Prophet if relevant), as his Defense Witnesses, for fulfilling their dreams of unbridled freedom? Cowards or what?

    And where are the legislators of in/out, under/over, disabled/able to be cross-examined?

    Marie Stopes did not approve of abortion: “The desolating effects of attempted abortion can only be exterminated by a sound knowledge of the control of conception.” When Stopes discovered that a certain William Carpenter displayed her name on a birth control and abortion clinic he ran, she took steps to have him arrested and imprisoned. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Stopes

    The socialist-female memes of today:

    Her body; so it’s Her disposable possession: “I brought you into the world, I can take you out of it”
    The Child; the disposable Citizen: “We registered you in the country, you will obey our Politburo’s Acts”

    The death penalty was not abolished, rendition is practiced everywhere by the Birth-Mother.

    If consciousness is all about intent, then how were those Giant Pandas distracted to implant their seedlings? The ASA’s middle-aged minions approve on television naked girls openly selling mobile phone sex-chat to young hormonally-driven young men to set the stage for their fall. Prostitution is one step away.

    Mohammad is the Fall Guy for the coming Communism.

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