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4 Replies to “Anti Israel demo in Malmo”

  1. How nice, such a multicultural event to lighten up an average working day. An unique blend of headscarfs, petty thieves, homophobes, sectarian pedo-apostates, unemployable socialists and scruffy unarticulate stoners.
    All united in social benefits, superstitious naivity, silly vegetarian or halal foodlaws, disrespect of women and blind hatred to a people they probably never ever saw.

  2. Malmo is a zoo. At the moment the dhimmis are stroking and patting the Islamic lions. Wait until the lions get hungry!

  3. – Arthur

    Good article. I hope, for his sake, that Allah can’t read. Allah strictly forbids Muslims from taking the side of an Infidel, especially a Jewish one.

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