Man held over “racist” comments on Muslim prayer centre

Shropshire Star:

A man in his 20s has been arrested in connection with alleged racist comments made on the internet about the planned Muslim prayer centre in Shrewsbury, police revealed this afternoon

The man was held on suspicion of using words or carrying out behaviour likely to stir up racial hatred in connection with comments made on a social media site about the centre. He is currently on police bail as inquiries continue.

Police have also confirmed they are carrying out a full investigation into complaints about alleged offensive and racist comments made on a Facebook page regarding the prayer centre, which is being planned for Column Lodge in Preston Street.

The arrest was made last Thursday, but only made public this afternoon.

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3 Replies to “Man held over “racist” comments on Muslim prayer centre”

  1. They take over our country and we are supposed to grin and bear it. And still the voters keep voting for the parties that keep on encouraging islime. Will they never learn?

  2. And who said we here in Britain only enforce our laws?
    This subserviance to sharia is really getting on my wick! Write to your MP about Britain saying a firm NO to UN resolution 16/12, the OICs’ “Lets get ALL criticism of islam banned” agenda. NFSE!

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