Compilation clip of Turkish bomb blast earlier today

It seems as if the clips on YT of the bomb in Turkey vanish quite quickly for one reason or another. So here is a quick compilation of some of the most critical scenes of those clips.

H/T M for all these

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  1. I was blind, however, now I can see! (sarcasm)

    Ali Shihabi: The myth of Islamic terrorism in America

    “After the planes hit on 9/11, a myth-making industry was born.

    “Why do they hate us?” was the first thought to cross horrified American minds.

    Israel’s lobby, worried that she would be seen as having sowed the seeds of anti-American sentiment in the Islamic world, quickly came up with an alternative explanation: “They hate us for our freedoms—our way of life,” screamed the headlines. Promoted by friendly journalists, politicians, and academics, these slogans quickly drowned out all other competing theories and were eagerly picked up and trumpeted by right-wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh, and Islamophobes like Daniel Pipes, who went on to claim that Islamists want to impose sharia law on America.

    Hollywood, not to be left out of all the fun, quickly jumped on the bandwagon with a slew of entertaining programs like 24; Sleeper Cell; Homeland; and others that amplified and capitalized on this paranoia…

    Islamists actually could not care less about imposing sharia law in the U.S. They want control of Arabia, its oil and its holy places, and any other Muslim-majority state they can get their hands on in the meantime. Their target, their obsession, was the Muslim world not America. Islamophobes, however, striving to keep Americans on edge, claimed to spot “homegrown” radical Islam lurking behind every tree.

    In fact, a careful review of events since 9/11 proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that the claim that militant Islam has gained any traction among the Muslims of America is farcical.

    Had militant Islam actually taken hold in America, this country would have become a battle zone. After all, with millions of Muslims in the U.S., the successful spread of any such ideology among them would have resulted in thousands of recruits, hooked on jihadist websites, eagerly building bombs, and champing at the bit to commit acts of terrorism…”

  2. @Wrath of Khan. They want to rule the world. Creating the old islamic empire is the first step, then the combined resources will be used to try and dominate the world.

    Probably an amped up version of what’s happening now. Constant terrorism combined with requests for concessions, including more immigration and charity. At the edges of the empire the individual countries will chip away at their neighbors using immigration, terrorism and gurilla wars – like we see in Thailand and Africa – while commiting genocide and ethnic cleansing within their borders like we see now happening all over the muslim world.

    All that activity will be protected by the “caliphate” thru diplomatic jiggery pokery, threats of terrorism and overty military streangth.

    Thailand, Nigeria, Burma and Bangladesh aren’t in the middle east. So no they don’t just care about the middle east. If that was all they cared about then the muslims wouldn’t be engaging in ethnic cleansing in those countries.

  3. “Islamists actually could not care less about imposing sharia law in the U.S”

    They do, because they’ve repeatedly said so themselves.

    End of story.

  4. And we here in Australia are being (literally) invaded by now 2 – 3 illegal boats a day – so-called “refugees” who pay people smugglers thousands of dollars for a passage between Indonesia and the the North of Australia. These “refugees” who fly to Indonesia from Afghanistan, and other muslim countries are mostly muslims. The present socialst/green coalition government has completely and utterly given up all border control.

    These boats, once they are a few sea miles away from Indonesia send out “help us we are sinking” signals,in fact they “ring” their Australian contacts who calls the “rescuers” and our Navy is forced to collect them.

    Some of us more cynical guys call our navy now “the Taxi service” .

    Our “refugee centres” on Christmas Island (for “offshore processing”) are completely overstuffed and out of control, so these “refugees” are let out into our society. A few rapes by these fake “refugees” have already been reported. One happened a few weeks ago in the dormitory of one of our universities (Macquarie), where the service (I think it was the Salvation Army or such) charged with “guarding” these refugees released into our community had placed them. Right next to a girls dormitory.

    I have no illusion that the increasingly fundamentalist Indonesia facilitates the passage of these masses of muslims.

    200 – 300 such people (who all have no papers – they throw them overboard officially, but we are told that they sell them in Indonesia ) every day might not seem a lot, but with a small population such as in Australia, this has now gone out of control and is a significant invasion.

    I thought our politicians were simply “stupid”. But as the man said:

    “When the consequences of incompetence become indistinguishable from the consequences of malice, it is wiser and safer to assume malice.”

    I’m despairing: I have seen what has happened to my beloved France, I am seeing what is happening in Germany, and now I see it happening here in Australia.

    Anyone who even DARES to say something is defamed as extreeeeeeeeeeeeeme right wing, raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist, bad bad bad person. (If “person” at all).

  5. And they are trying to pin this typical islamistjob on the syrian government. I mean exactly how stupid do they think Syrian governement are? Exactly what would Assad gain from dragging Turkey into the war?

  6. @Varg i Veum I didn’t think it was their MO but I then remember that they’ve used bombs for political violence in Lebanon (though maybe thru intermediaries).

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