Egyptian man who stabbed Stone in Cairo: I hate America

A bucket load of irony here. The American that Mahmoud stabbed actually was a pro Palestinian, Islam apologist who had a major role in promoting Arabic, (and presumably Islamic) culture in the US.


AHRAM Online:

Mahmoud Badr says he stabbed Chris Stone outside US Embassy in Cairo because he hates the United States

>US. embassy in cairo
US. embassy in cairo (Photo:

Mahmoud Badr, 30, who holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, was arrested on Thursday after stabbing American academic Chris Stone in the neck outside the US embassy in Cairo.

Badr told interrogators that he took his mother’s knife, travelled to Cairo by train from Kafr El-Sheikh, and went to the US embassy in search of an American citizen to kill, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported on Friday.

Badr attempted to enter the embassy by pretending to be seeking a visa.

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7 Replies to “Egyptian man who stabbed Stone in Cairo: I hate America”

  1. ” The American that Mahmoud stabbed actually was a pro Palestinian,

    Are you saying then this was “Assisted Suicide”? That’s illegal. Some authority on the matter should be told.

  2. @Richard. Exactly – “…Mahmoud Badr, 30, who holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, ..”

    Time and again its proved that having an education means nothing – the islamic meme overrides everything else.

  3. Amazing feat of hatred, traveling intently to kill. Could he be tried in the “International Court of Justice”?

  4. Dr. O

    It is my opinion, and of course, that is all it is, that trying a person who commits an act of war in a criminal court of any kind is a form of surrender. Because it is guaranteed to lead to a loss.

    What this person did was ideologically driven and a move towards Islamic manifest destiny. The fact that it was ineffectual as an act of violence won’t matter if we try him as a criminal because we will be handing him the victory if we do as no system can handle that. It was created to handle people who break the law on an individual bases. Imagine if we had tried all the Nazis for attempted murder, murder, weapons infractions and hate speech crimes instead of trying to defend against them by killing them. The war certainly would have been over fast. But with a different outcome.

    I am sorry but this conflict will escalate and the costs will become extreme and all because we cannot seem to put obvious and needed policies in place.

    This man should have been questioned then shot.

  5. This rat is a typical university professor ranting Marxist, anti-American who finally found out just what Islam has in store for people like him and all the rest of us in the western world. Why Marxists seem to believe that they can somehow control Islam after they have destroyed western civilization is beyond belief. Islam will never fit into “the paradise of the worker” but will destroy it utterly.

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