Only probation and fines for repeat abuser and rapist

Original Translation from The Observer:


sajofi-abdulkarim-djurplågareAnimal cruelty and assault In October last year, a woman witnessed how Sajofi Abdul Karim, 23, punished a puppy by kicking it while he let it dangle in the air in Möllevångstorget in Malmö.

The woman took a picture of the cruelty perpetrated against the animal (see photo) and told the man that he wasn’t allowed to treat the dog that way. Abdul Karim responded that he was entitled to treat his dog exactly like he wanted to and obviously felt that he could do the same with the woman. He initially spat at her in the face and when that didn’t help he punched the woman in the face.

Abdul Karim was charged with violating the Animal Welfare Act and abuse and battery. Last Wednesday he received the verdict, if you can call it that. It was only a suspended sentence and a fine. This despite the fact that Abdul Karim already has convictions for assault, drug offenses, violations against the knife law and for having forced a mentally retarded woman to perform oral sex on him, he even urinated in her mouth.

The puppy, a French bulldog was taken into the protection of the animal welfare agency. They discovered that the puppy was limping, had sore paws and had clearly been mistreated in the past. Abdul Karim stated that this was the way the puppy should be treated. It was supposed to be a fighting dog and hence not supposed to receive any consideration or love. Whether Abdul karim was banned from owning a pet is unclear. Malmö District Court, B 10295-12


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  1. How to scare a bunch of infidels and get rich in the process? Looks like the Muhammadan way. I would bet a Dollar or two this technique is straight from the Quran.

    Finnish, Austrian hostages freed from Yemen (Yahoo/AFP, May 9, 2013)
    “A Finnish couple and an Austrian student abducted in Yemen by Al-Qaeda militants more than four months ago have been freed and have arrived safety in Vienna, authorities said on Thursday … A tribal source told AFP the kidnappers were demanding $50 million (38 million euros) to release the Europeans. According to Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, a ransom of one million euros was paid to free the Austrian…”

  2. I think the Swedish people have got to be the biggest chickens who ever lived. That’s what it is. They’re afraid of these tough Muslim guys so they give in to their every desire in hopes that they won’t be physically hurt by them. Take a look at Abdul Karim. Isn’t he one tough-looking hombre? Certainly scarey enough to petrify a European sissy-boy. The judge is probably afraid of having him come through her bedroom window so she let him off easy in court. If a real man saw a guy treating a puppy that way he wouldn’t stop kicking the guy until he was shitting blood and comatose…

  3. Ah, damn. Would somebody please put this inbred freak out of his misery?
    One means of preventing these halfwits reaching adulthood is to stop western NGO’s providing free vaccinations to the inbreeding nations.
    Yet western governments and the piteous-people-industry are financially too entangled with farmaceutical concerns I’m afraid.

  4. My view, long held, is that we need to have a separation from the islamic world. As a start one needs to take them at their own words and agree wholeheartedly, that there is indeed a dar ul islam and a dar ul harb, and for the good of humanity, muslims and civilised people alike, it is better to live apart in respective nations.

    It is a sad fact that muslim presence anywhere leads to discomfort of other already established communities. Soon the established community will leave or forced out by Jihad by mob violence, and yet another region becomes dar ul islam.
    Separation has one advantage – Muslim nations, left to their own devices, unable to export their excess population, an ever deteriorating infrastructure, increasing poverty and diminishing military power, will have no alternative but to reform islam. And even if they do not, they will not be a menace to the safety and security of the rest of the world, for the simple reason that they will not have access to harvest infidel lives. Harsh as this is, it is the most humane way to progress.
    What frightens me is that we are moving towards a new world war that is quite unlike previous world wars. This world war will be a civil war ie a global civil war – the very worst type imaginable. Else we are looking forward to a Three Conjecture scenario (Google), leading to deaths on an unprecedented scale.

  5. Mary Boyce picked up on the pitiable situation of dogs in Muslim countries a long long while back. Dogs could actually sense that they were in the presence of Muslims, and behave accordingly- mostly in a cringing manner.

    More recently, in Iraq, it was the same situation. Stray dogs went over to allied troops simply to get what dogs want – a re-assuring hand of comfort and assurance from who they consider as their friends and masters. A dog’s DNA is hard wired to be friendly to humans – he cannot behave in any other way. So it must be hell for a dog to be in a Muslim country.

  6. DP111 there was a NOVA documentary called, ‘Dogs Decoded’ that was utterly fascinating on this subject and by a short extension, on other critical matters of genetics and determinism. If you haven’t seen it, do try to. It is excellent.

  7. Eeyore

    Thanks. I will look it up.

    I love dogs and cant bear their ill treatment.

    In fact it is despicable when humans mistreat animals – any animal.

  8. Eeyore

    Just finished watching all three of the documentaries. Excellent.

    Extending the argument that dogs are wolves with the aggressive gene bred out, it seems wrong, and in fact irresponsible to put a pack wolves with dogs in the same enclosure.

    Coming back to the Abdul and the dog, it is clear that Abdul does not like dogs, even a puppy, but was training the bull dog pup to be a weapon to be used against non-Muslims.

  9. All three? Links please! I only was aware of one. And it is stellar. With implications for understanding behavior across the board I might add. Where are the other two please?

  10. Muslims just live to be cruel. This kind of cruelty against vulnerable beings reminds me of time I was queuing in a supermarket in Finsbury Park, London, and I saw the bearded muslim in front of me bite the fingers of his daughter because she was crying. islam is evil!!

  11. From one of the parts I came to the conclusion that

    “Extending the argument that dogs are wolves with the aggressive gene bred out, it seems wrong, and in fact irresponsible to put a pack wolves with dogs in the same enclosure.”

    Another thing that has escaped notice was that Abdul does not like dogs, even a puppy, and was training the bull dog pup to be a weapon to be used against non-Muslims or rival gangs.

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