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4 Replies to “Carla Del Ponte stupefied by Syrian opposition sarin use”

  1. Her revelations as to the originators of the Sarin gas didn’t fit the narrative……all the murderous and complicit handmaidens in the festival of fanaticism and blood as reveled in by the FSA have joined in to denounce her, even the White House stepped in with Jay Carney singing the praises of the FSA…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada,

    “Somewhere between here and there……..”

  2. #WhyICantSleepAtNight 0:55 …and tell us, “with a smile”, what did happen… the Orwell’ian Idea 1984 was not a Dream of an author,it was a warning.&now that the people C their World.Reflect Reality.They realize:Someone put me in a cage,&my Mind2! #speakerscorner2013 break off get out talk loud

  3. from Syrian people to mam Carla : we all know you lie and the Syrian government pay to you money to say the rebel used chemical weapon not them but we believe in god that he will revenge for us and show all the world the truth since you sold your soul to the devil we hope your KIDS will rotten in hell as well as with you LIAR

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah you are right “Syrian”, because the FSA are not at all a bloodthirsty international jihadi army of devout sunni muslims fighting to reestablish the caliphate.

    Oh no, the FSA are peace-loving democrats who would never hurt a fly!!!

    Go f.ck yourself!

    (And no neither do I support the Assad-Hezbollah coalition, you are all criminals in my mind)

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