OK This one is confusing. *UPDATE* Mystery solved

*** UPDATE ***

It turns out that in Bangladesh and elsewhere in South east Asia, competing mosques, presumably for the title of most peaceful, routinely attack each other and burn each others  mosques and contents down to the ground. I am reliably informed that is what happened here.

Of course, there will be no blasphemy charges or any other legal fallout because all that crap is just for we infidels. When tards do it, its all in keeping with the fine upstanding example set by the pirate Mohamed.

I am hoping to get a translation of this video soon for the details.


Some Korans and books of hadiths were set on fire in this protest, apparently by muslims. I can’t tell if this was a mistake that occurred when they tried to burn down the market adjacent to a mosque or if this was deliberate to make a point or what.

If anyone can find an article paste it in the comments and Ill move it up into this space.


Mail Online has this article with pictures. 10 dead and hundreds injured.

Another RT video showing how a lifetime of studying islam prepares you to run down the street shouting threats, wishing death on those who won’t obey you and waving sticks around like rabid monkeys.

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  1. I found something :

    Islamic book shops burnt

    Hefajat-e Islam activists, teamed up with Jamaat-Shibir men, set ablaze dozens of shops selling Islamic books — among many other makeshift stalls — on footpaths around Baitul Mukarram Mosque yesterday evening.
    “They are enemies of Allah! They are enemies of the Prophet! How can they set the Holy Qur’an on fire?” cried a bookshop owner trying to douse the blaze after the attackers left the scene.
    The attackers set fire to everything they could by the roadside between Purana Paltan intersection and Dainik Bangla intersection. They put up concrete obstructions to bar the law enforcers from reaching the scene.
    Firefighters, with the help of the police, brought the flames under control around 9:00pm, when shop owners frantically rushed back to salvage the remains of their livelihoods.

    […]Just after the clash, the attackers went berserk and torched more than 30 vehicles. They turned more violent in the evening as they vandalised, torched and pillaged the roadside stalls from Paltan to Dainik Bangla, Bijoynagar to Nightingale Mor and GPO to Stadium Market areas.

    + pic on the page :


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