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8 Replies to “Polygamy epidemic in Germany”

  1. This is exactyly what is happening here in Canada, and what is being done? Nothing. Toronto is filled with these multiple marriage criminals who are on social assistance, and yet, so odd, they all seem to have the bucks for big vans to drive their cult families around.
    Where is the documentary on Canada? Oh ya, there are no reporters here worth an fning nickle
    so there will never be anything about this travesty and fraud against the tax payers…by the creepy islamic polygamists…..who make even the few isolated morman cults look good

  2. Provided for by social welfare and silenced by “progressive” policies.
    What a joke.
    This can only happen in Germany. Too embarrassed by their past, they’ll let the devil take a sh!t on their porch.

  3. Islamic parasites showing once again how good they are at stealing from taxpayers. These polygamous monsters should be shown the door and they can take their fat, ugly wives with them.

  4. The more Muslim men are killed, the more women are available for other Muslim men. If marrying widows isn’t a problem, why do non-widow women have to stay virgin until marriage? Hell is eternal.

  5. Exactly the same thing is happening in Britain.
    They are allowed to behave as if Sharia Law were already in place and dominant.
    Jizya (social welfare) from the dhimmis is seen as an entitlement.

  6. Same is happening in the UK, but it is kept quiet by the bleeding hearts who would claim anyone expressing disapproval was a racist/Islamophobe for begrudging these parasites our hard earned tax pounds. I cannot believe that In this day and age, with technology we have now that it cannot be dealt with, If they want to live this they should be encouraged to ‘migrate’ to some hell hole like Bangladesh or Pakistan which suits their needs better, but unfortunately there is no welfare state there to attract them. The only thing that might curb them is when our welfare state collapses, then they will resort to blaming us for their self induced poverty.

  7. @sociologist

    The bleeding hearts are the problem. As long as they are granted the right to declare that snow is black, and 2+2=5, no progress can be made. Their idea that you are either a “racist” or an “anti-racist” has to be attacked. If race does not exist, “colorblindness” is logically superior to “anti-racism”. In fact, this dichotomous thinking, in which one side is wholly good and another side is wholly bad, isn’t helpful, and only leads to radicalization of the Stormfront-type. Nevertheless, Counter-Jihadis have to understand that Muslims themselves create a Muslim “race”. Pakistanis in England and Turks in Germany do not have to wear beards in order to enter mosques. Both the idea that Muslims ARE a race and the idea that a classical, colorblind approach can succeed are illusionary.

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