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8 Replies to “Egyptian TV hostess exposes islam for what it really is on-air”

  1. She’s a brave woman. He obviously can’t cope with her beauty and her defiance, so he resorts to threats. Pity the poor Egyptians who are ruled by these stupid, bigoted, and dangerous men

  2. She’s brave and he’s an ignorant, superstitious bigot.
    Unfortunately, despite her defiant stance, she still doesn’t quite get it either. When she declares that she’ll put the scarf on, but not for him, only for God, she’ll still hasn’t grasped that Islam is the problem and not just the mullah’s version of it.
    However, I think she is smart enough to get it one day…. if she lives that long!

  3. Ass-fucking-hole……

    Excuse my French………

    Good for her….rub that vulgar bastards nose in his filth and fanaticism…..

    What gut wrenching hypocrites these bastards are…….and this is what is referred to with a straight face as “Islamic Civilization”….

    “Somewhere between here and there”…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Hatetown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

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