Let us hope that Tommy Robinson is right. Its likely the best-case scenario at this stage

Tommy Robinson is widely being reported as saying that “should there be another 7/7 outrage “this whole country is going to go up.”.

I doubt he is right. But here is why it would be better if he was.

First, why he is wrong.

After Boston, not only was there no backlash other than a single act of graffiti which I am fairly confident was actually done by Muslims to create the sense that they are the real victims, and this was a short drive away from the city where 9/11 happened. In fact, in the US like in the UK, many of those interviewed used the opportunity to show their personal moral superiority to the rest of us by talking about how this is a blow to “diversity” and how multiculturalism is the real victim. It turns out that sanctimony trumps appropriate rage like, 25:1

If another 7/7 happens in the UK, or rather when, the response is a dead certainty. A massive awareness campaign explaining why it had nothing to do with Islam while the government multiplies the outreach budget by ten fold. Gavin Boby will be disbarred and mosque applications will be granted that haven’t even been applied for yet. It isn’t just that terrorism works. That won’t be the prime mover behind these events. It will be that governments, and this is why it would be better if Tommy was right, operate under the notion that the illusion of good government is considerably more important than responsible decision making, and this includes policies which make it look like previous catastrophic and traitorous policies of the past were in fact, good ideas.

There is also the general public’s view that violence itself is an outcome that should be avoided at all costs. This is the same mentality that caused free peoples across the world short of the United States to disarm the general public, leaving them at the mercy of thugs and tyrants and leftist groups that demand unilateral disarmament of strategic weapons for our side during a war with the most murderous and evil ideology that ever took root. Communism.

Violence is a tactic. Sometimes it is the worst one and sometimes it is the best one and often somewhere in between. Often just the threat of violence solves or creates large problems. Once, G.W. Bush sailed a single U.S. Carrier group up to the coast of 2 nations that where about to go to war. As neither nation knew which side the US was on, they opted not to wage war as whichever side the US was on was a guaranteed winner with that carrier group alone.

So when Tommy Robinson claims that the British people will react with what would be appropriate outrage at the ideology that is bringing the once great nation to its bloodied knees, it would be a far better one than the kind of surrender which is in fact, much much more likely.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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  1. You are wrong about the Graffiti. I read the original source in the post you made about it and wrote my conclusion on that page. It is a complete hoax.

    The perpetraitor of the hoax was too smart for their own good.

    I recall two observations but there were other indications.

    The Newspaper was a paper in Cambridge, England and the graffiti happened in Cambridge, England. That was one of the reasons it was obviously a hoax. They did it there in order to cause just that confusion. All the neighboring towns mentioned are not in Massachusetts.

    Also the graffiti was spaced (in relation to a lampost and a tree) to be viewed FROM THE EXACT POSITION IT WAS PHOTOGRAPHED FROM, not to be seen by passers by on the sidewalk or from anyone in a a passing car. Any other position and it would not have been seen properly. That amount of planning was made with a completely cool head and not in anger.

    Also they used the word “murderous”. That’s word that is popular with islamic supremicist propogandists but isn’t used by westerners when wanting to make a point. Izlamo Nazis use “murderous” instead of “murder” or “murderer” in propoganda because it’s emotionally evocative yet veague (it doesn’t define a specific act or perpetraitor but rather a potentiality or possibility) – so it communicates with the subconcious, emotional brain rather than the concious rational brain. That veagueness is very easily missed so it slips into the subconcious, forming a general impression rather than an argument, which can be argued with and dissproved.

    Emotionally evocative yet veague verbiage is the hallmark of islamic war propoganda. ESPECIALLY anti Israel propoganda. It’s one of the reasons they have success with lefty mush heads who “think” with their feelings – and why such people can’t ever actually argue about the subject – but get angry and parrot the war propoganda slogans they’ve been fed.

    It’s just like the time CAIR nabbed a screencap of someone on BNI saying “I want blood on my hands” then refused to show the original screencap so the judge could see exactly when it was taken (I.e. it could very well have been about 5 seconds after the comment was made). Only islamic supremicist trolls ever say “you will have blood on your hands” – yet CAIR found the one time someone used it in one of the thousands of comments on BNI and used it to get BNI booted from it’s blog hosting service?

    As Church Lady would say: “How conveeeeenyent.”

  2. Also – the graffitti was spaced so as to be seen from across the street, not from the sidewalk where the graffiti-ist had to stand in order to paint it. Way too much planning was needed in the spacing for some engraged lunk-head to have done it.

  3. Truthiocity – whether the graffiti was done by Muslims, Leftists, or indeed as you say a complete hoax, it was not done by Muslim haters. It is a set-up, a false backlash that never happened! Whoever is behind this lie is complicit in the bombings. One day they will pay the price for their deceit.

  4. Eeyore the things that are limiting the backlash in all western nations are 1) lack of organization and 2) lack of leadership. It takes a lot of guts to go against the current norm in any situation much less one where we have been told to stay calm. Also as horrific as the bombings have been very few of the people know enough history to realize the severity of the problem.

    What are needed are something like the committees of correspondence prior to the US revolution, then we need a leader to lead us in the war. In all of the successful wars there has been one person that the people as a whole see as their leader. The Revolution, Washington. The civil war Lincoln. WWI Wilson and Pershing. WWII FDR and Ike. Contrast those with Korea, Nam and the current war, we have no clear leader to rally behind, and when one sticks his head up the left tries to knock it off.

    Under the right stimulus the western nations will react as Tommy predicts, but the stimulus must be right and a bombing would have to be done on some target that would cause people to think that their survival was threatened.

    Will the above conditions be meet? More then likely. Will it be soon? I don’t now. Will we win? In the end the west will win.

  5. @Softly Bob it was done by the muslims associated with the mosque that’s being protested against. It’s a fake hate crime like the derp who stabbed a cab driver just before the anti GZM protest and was later found out to have been working FOR the pro mosque protest group. Typically heinous. Those people engaged so many dirty tricks even Nixon would’ve been shocked.

    And Eeyore is absolutely correct. There won’t ever be any backlashes against the culture and mosques that produce terrorists.

    In the main stream press everyone is looking at absolutely everything in order to prevent anyone from looking at the radical Muslim Brotherhood mosques in Boston and Cambridge that these and at least 4 other Boston area terrorists attended.

    They take the fact that we’re morally superior to them when they formulate jihad strategy against our nations. If this was 100 years ago, or even 50 in certain parts of this nation, they wouldn’t dare pull this crap.

    That’s what’s so evil about them. They examined our moral and ethical development in civil rights and instead of being inspired by it to become more open themselves, they saw that it was a weapon they could use against us.

  6. and this includes policies which make it look like previous catastrophic and traitorous policies of the past were in fact, good ideas.

    Exactly. If not, then they would have to admit that the “mistakes” they made were downright treasonous.

    Punishment for treason is death or used to be till Blair, with foresight, abolished it.

  7. “the things that are limiting the backlash in all western nations are 1) lack of organization and 2) lack of leadership.”

    The Left assassinated our leadership 11 years ago this month. We do far too little to keep the memory of Pim Fortuyn alive. Pim was fully expected to become the PM of the Netherlands.

    It is as if the Republican in the US were top in the opinion polls, with Alan West as the Republican Presidential candidate promising to stop immigration from muslim countries, and the Democrats assassinated him a couple of weeks before the election.

    In the UK, the left and blacks keep alive the memory of a nobody called Stephen Lawrence. Yet we are all too ready to forget the assassination of our leader.

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