Three people killed in shooting in France

The details are still just coming out. The video we are working on titling now says the shooter was in possession of an AK47. For now, here is the first English article I can find. H/T Tundra T


Three people killed in shooting in France

Police officers at the crime scene Police officers at the crime scene

Photo: AFP

Three people killed and one injured in shooting opened on the streets of Istres, southern France.

The tragedy occurred today at 14:00 local time (16:00 MSK), French media reported.

The suspect has been arrersted after pursuit, his identity is not disclosed. It’s a young man aged 20. He was stopped by police at one of the crossroads of Istria, located 60 km north-west of Marseille.

 According to initial reports, the shooter used a pump-action shotgun. Motives of the suspect are unknown.

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10 Replies to “Three people killed in shooting in France”

  1. He can’t have been in possession of an AK-47. It’s not possible. France has strict gun laws, and we all know that gun laws work, don’t they?

  2. @Softly Bob
    The UK has strict gun laws too, but the sad fact is that criminals, especially imported ones, can easily get these weapons if they have the right contacts and they often do. We are going to see a lot more of this sort of thing.

  3. Perhaps if France had had the good sense to declare itself a gun free zone, then this wouldn’t have happened. Like that school and that cinema in the USA.

  4. Over the winter the heads of al Qaeda keep repeating that he was declaring war on France and the US, in the near future we will see if these are simple one off terror attacks or part of a campaign.

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