The Islamic conquest of Europe, neighborhood by neighborhood

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The Christians:

A supposed ‘hatemonger’ saw it coming; he was met with scorn – but he was right

By Ted Byfield Apr 4, 2013

The Muslims are establishing their own police forces in the “Sharia Zones.”
The Muslims are establishing their own police forces in the “Sharia Zones.”

Robert Bruce Spencer, 51, is an American author who has dedicated much of his life to warning anyone who will listen that it is the faith-founded resolve of Islam to bring the world under Sharia law by using threats, cunning, revolution and war – whatever it takes to make it happen. This is not just the aspiration of a few radicals within the Muslim fold, he asserts, but the unqualified aim of the religion itself, and it is the “extremists,” not the moderates, who most loyally serve the historic Islamic cause.

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2 Replies to “The Islamic conquest of Europe, neighborhood by neighborhood”

  1. Sometimes it’s no fun being right. It’s difficult to say “I told you so” when it’s too late and you’re wearing shackles.
    I blame it more on the stupid Leftists than I do the Muslims. The Muslims can’t help it, they are doing the only thing that they know. The Leftists are hampering the cause, but when it is too late and we’re all slaves telling them you were right all along doesn’t seem to be satisfying.
    It would be far more appropriate to be like Oliver Hardy and say to the Left, “mmmph that’s another fine mess you got us into.!”

  2. This is a warning of what is coming if enough people don’t resist, unfortunately the time when the resistance can be peaceful is rapidly ending.

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