Some links for April 10 2013

1. BBC report on South Korea’s heightened state of alert. It’s worth watching the video just to hear a reporter from the BBC, the main news source from the birth place of the English language, use the word ‘tenser’ to mean more tense.

2. Socialist govt. of France plans to freeze benefits for many state payouts. And so it begins. To know how this will play out, read Fjordman. Muslims who feel entitled to state benefits won’t take it well. So they will likely continue to get them while law abiding life long working native french will not.

3. US Tear gas arrives in Egypt for Muslim Brotherhood use

4. Iranian mother of slain blogger makes statement:

5. This CBC story from December 2012 kind of discusses a muslim in Quebec that is connected to the imam of the London mosque who claims he has no tolerance of ‘extremism’. Of course truth be told muslims redefine all these kinds of words so that they can say these sorts of things and not really be lying about it as extremism to him likely means ‘not willing to commit to jihad to force sharia on everyone.’ or something to that effect.

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  1. Egypt to Get Another $3 Billion From Qatar as IMF Talks Drag

    Qatar pledged another $3 billion in aid to Egypt, extending the lifeline for Islamist President Mohamed Mursi after repeated delays in loan talks with the International Monetary Fund.

    […]The nation’s foreign currency reserves plunged to $13.4 billion last month, more than 60 percent below their December 2010 level, and its currency has dropped more than 10 percent in the past four months. Officials say they aim to boost reserves to $16 billion by the end of June, without saying how.

    […]The Qatari funds will be a short-term boost given the current economic situation in Egypt, “but does it do anything to help Egypt come out of where it is? I don’t think so,” Said Hirsh, an independent economist based in London, said by phone. “There’s just a total lack of clarity about what this government is trying to do.”

    Egypt may ask for bigger IMF loan – official

    Cairo – Egypt might ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to increase a previously requested $4.8bn loan to cover its budget deficit, the country’s planning minister said on Wednesday


    BBC Egypt’s Coptic Christians face dilemma over violence

    video on the page :


    Egypt wheat stocks dwindle; no purchases planned until June

    The country is unlikely to to buy more wheat at international tenders until end of June and its harvest forecasts are unrealistic,

    Industry sources spoken to by Reuters in recent days painted a darker picture than previously understood about the ability of the most populous Arab state to continue to feed its 84 million people with the cheap subsidised bread that they expect.

    […]The country’s strategic stocks of imported and local wheat fell to just 2.207 million tonnes by March 13, enough to last just 89 days.

    […]Even if the government does make up for a shortage in imports by buying more wheat produced at home, it will have trouble producing bread. Egyptian wheat is normally blended with equal amounts of superior imported wheat to make edible flour.

    “They don’t seem to understand that you cannot work with Egyptian wheat at 100 percent,” said a Cairo-based trade source. “It needs to be blended with imported wheat;-no-purchases-planned-u.aspx

  2. FIRST ON CNN: White House signs off on new aid for Syrian rebels

    Officials said it is expected to include equipment such as body armor, night vision goggles and other military equipment that is defensive in nature, but could be used to aid in combat by Syrian rebels battling forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

    […]Obama’s national security team and members of Congress have repeatedly urged the president to increase the direct aid for the rebels.

    They argue such a step would strengthen the hand of moderate members of the opposition and make them less reliant on well-armed extremist elements within their ranks.

    Secretary of State John Kerry has pushed for more aggressive U.S. involvement in Syria since taking office in February.

    The move comes as Britain and France are leading efforts to lift a European Union arms embargo on Syria. Both have suggested they are prepared to join nations like Qatar is providing the rebels with weapons and are urging the United States to do the same.

  3. N.C. Lawmaker Against Islamic Prayer Because She Doesn’t ‘Condone Terrorism’

    A Republican legislator in North Carolina told a constituent that she has misgivings with an Islamic prayer being conducted before a legislative meeting because she doesn’t “condone terrorism,” the Raleigh News & Observer reported Wednesday.

    In an email exchange obtained by the News & Observer, state Rep. Michele Presnell (R) was responding to a constituent who asked her if she is comfortable with a prayer to Allah taking place before the meeting.

    “No, I do not condone terrorism,” Presnell responded to the constituent.

    Presnell did not immediately respond to TPM’s request for comment.

    The constituent was taking Presnell to task over an ACLU lawsuit against a North Carolina county over Christian prayers being conducted before commissioners meetings there. That lawsuit was the impetus for a bill that would nullify any federal ruling on prayer in the state, on which Presnell is a co-sponsor.
    CAIR: GOP Must Repudiate NC Lawmaker Who Compared Islamic Prayer to ‘Terrorism’

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on the Republican Party to repudiate a North Carolina GOP lawmaker who compared Islamic prayer to terrorism.

    video : CAIRtv youtube channel :

  4. Nearly 400 Muslims Detained in Immigration Raid in Russia

    MOSCOW — Russian security services and immigration police raided a market in the center of St. Petersburg on Thursday and detained 378 people, many of them migrants from Central Asia and the mainly Muslim North Caucasus.

    The arrests followed an armed melee at the gates of the market early Thursday morning in which one man died of a knife wound. Local news reports said he was from the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic of the North Caucasus.

    In a statement, St. Petersburg police called the follow-up raids a preventive measure and said that immigration police were reviewing residency permits for 330 of those detained. The statement said that 26 people had been charged with hooliganism and 19 people were being investigated for participating in the fight.

    The open-air Sennoy market, a popular hub for migrant workers, has become a frequent target for immigration raids by city police. In early February, more than 270 people were detained in Muslim prayer rooms near the market in an investigation into the distribution of extremist literature and video clips showing terrorist acts.

    In that case, police deported seven of the men, natives of Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, and investigated another man on suspicion of having incited terrorism and hatred. A conviction under that charge can carry a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

  5. Swedish police grants mosque permission to sound call to prayer

    SWEDEN – A mosque in suburban Stockholm could become the first in Sweden to sound prayer calls from its minaret after getting permission from police.

    A Turkish Islamic association in the suburb of Fittja wants to use loudspeakers to sound the Islamic call to prayer at midday on Fridays.

    Stockholm police on Thursday approved the group’s application, but said it must inform residents living within a 1-kilometer (0.6-mile) radius of the mosque before it starts to use the loudspeakers. The decision can be appealed by local residents.

    Though there are mosques in all major cities in Sweden, the one in Fittja, where many residents are immigrants from Muslim countries, was the first to request permission for prayer calls.

  6. Would You Name Your Kid “Sword”?

    Would we name our children Warrior, Conqueror, Sword, or Holy War? These are the meanings of personal names commonly used in the Muslim world, and may give some insight into Muslim values, especially regarding violence. Violence has been endemic to Muslim society from its inception more than 1,400 years ago. A large proportion of the ancestors of today’s approximately 1.3 billion Muslims converted to Islam under duress.

    Jihad – meaning War in the Cause of Allah – for example, is a common given name in the Muslim world, and appears in various forms. Westerners, on meeting men named Jihad, are at first often startled, but then get used to hearing it. The name Jihad is also common in Turkish in two forms: “Cihat,” the Turkish variant, pronounced Ji-hat, and also “Sava?,” the Turkish word for war. From time to time, one also finds a variant, Jihad al-Din, meaning Holy War of the (Muslim) religion.

    Salaam, can best be translated as “the peaceful joy one gets from submitting to Allah’s will via Islam.” The word Islam itself, from the same root, simply means: “Submission to Allah’s will.”

    The Arabic name “Fathullah,” and its Turkish variant, Fethullah , meaning “The Muslim Conquest in the Name of Allah,”

    Sayf, in Arabic means “sword.” Its variants follow suit: Sayf al-Islam means “the sword of Islam”; Sayf al-Din means “the sword of the Law/religion” (that is, Islam), and Sayf-Allah means the sword of Allah. The son of Libya’s late dictator, Colonel Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi, was named Seif al-Islam.

    more on the page :

  7. Parents Assault Islamic School Teacher for Punishing Students

    A teacher at an Islamic boarding school in Aceh sustained serious injuries after being beaten by the parents of a student he disciplined.

    Teungku Harmen Nuriqmar, the principal of the Serambi Mekkah Islamic Boarding School (Pesantren) in Blang Beurandang village in West Aceh, revealed that the family members of a female student arrived at the school on Sunday and assaulted Teungku Muhibbul Nasir Wali.

    “The victim’s face was severely injured. His left eye was swollen,” Herman told the Jakarta Globe on Monday.

    Harmen said the assault was prompted by Muhibbul’s decision to punish 15 students after he caught them dating. Muhibbul hit the students and poured sewer water on them.

    “Please take note that he did not hit the students to torture them — he did it to educate them. He splashed them with sewer water because when he splashed them with [tap] water the students were laughing and making fun of him,” Harmen said.

    They also poured sewer water on one another,” he said.

    Herman added that the school clearly prohibited students from dating because it was against Islamic values.

    He said one of the punished students reported the incident to her parents, who then brought their entire family to the school to protest. The family proceeded to attack Muhibbul because they believed he committed a very inappropriate act for an Islamic boarding school teacher.

    Harmen noted that he reported the incident to the local police.

    “The assault was unacceptable and should be investigated because it has tainted the school’s reputation,” he said.

    West Aceh police chief Adj. Comr.Sr. Faisal Rivai said he has not received any report regarding the case.

  8. Media Belatedly Mentions that Gunman Who Opened Fire in a Church on Easter Left Behind a Koran

    Police found Reshad Riddle inside the church, standing at the podium. “He had the gun in the air,” Janek said. “He had several knives on him … we later discovered the Koran on the podium.”

    The media has done its best to bury the story. Plenty of headlines read, “Man Yells About God After Church Shooting” which gives a completely false picture of events.

    Reshad Riddle did not yell about God. He yelled about Allah. And the media’s trend of using God in place of Allah is done to hide the meaning of scenes like these.

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