EU Wants To Abolish Cross From Greek Flag?

The thing about this is, I guarantee 100% that if they succeed in removing the cross from the Greek flag, some kind of exception will be made for the crescent moon and star perhaps claiming that it isn’t really a religious symbol or some other such nonsense as they do everywhere else. My favorite example of course is this one where Ottawa City Council allowed a mosque to be built with no parking even though the nearby church had to obey city bylaws and provide X number of parking spots per seat. Why? Because in mosques they sit on the floor and so they don’t really use seats and as a consequences, don’t need parking.

Yes. Really.

That actually did happen

Eeyore for Vlad.

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Greek Reporter:

By on April 5, 2013 in News

On March 25, on the occasion of the Greek Independence Day Parade, the  “new” Greek flags which fluttered in the wind in many Greek cities, appeared with only blue and white stripes, without the cross symbol of Christianity.

In the past few months, there have been reports in the Greek media that the European Union has been seriously discussing the possibility of abolishing religious symbols from six out of 27 EU countries that have the cross symbol on their flags: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Malta and Greece.

Established during the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, the colors of the Greek flag symbolize the sea that surrounds the country (blue) and the purity of the fighters’ cause (white).

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5 Replies to “EU Wants To Abolish Cross From Greek Flag?”

  1. Christianity is the only religion you can discriminate against, although as the Buddhist and Hindu’s start fighting back against Islam this is going to change.

  2. You may be right, Richard. The world has been taught to completely disregard Christians because they have all been labelled as imperialist child molesters, but they might listen to Buddhists or Hindus because the left-wing hate police don’t dare to slander them for fear of being called “racist”.

    I think the Muslims are making the same mistake the Fascists made in assuming that, because the West falls over itself trying to be nice, that they can’t be not-nice. I think every Muslim should take a look at the photos of Berlin and Tokyo after the war and get a load of how not-nice the West can be if you really push them against the wall. Unfortunately, for them, once they have pissed off the rest of the world to the point where they have to react, it might prove just as difficult to get them to stop fighting as it was to get them to start…

  3. Christianity originally stood up to and resisted the left, that was why the left spend so much time and effort in taking control of some churches, these the Christianity lite churches support every far left program no matter how the program disagrees with the Bible. They think the Bible like the Constitution needs to be rewritten through re-interpreting to fit what ever scheme the left has. They have also worked hard to marginalize everyone who continues to believe in the Bible. They are now listing believing Christians as security threats to the US.

    As far as all religions besides Islam are concerned they are next on the list of the left with Islam being the last religion they want to destroy.

  4. LOL, I like to see anyone dare to change “Dannebrog” in any way, shape or form 🙂

    I guess it goes for every country in Europe. Let them try!!!!!

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