N. Korea approves nuclear strike on United States

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By Jung Ha-Won (AFP) – 2 hours ago

SEOUL — North Korea dramatically escalated its warlike rhetoric on Thursday, warning that it had authorised plans for nuclear strikes on targets in the United States.

“The moment of explosion is approaching fast,” the North Korean military said, warning that war could break out “today or tomorrow”.

Pyongyang’s latest pronouncement came as Washington scrambled to reinforce its Pacific missile defences, preparing to send ground-based interceptors to Guam and dispatching two Aegis class destroyers to the region.

Tension was also high on the North’s heavily-fortified border with South Korea, after Kim Jong-Un’s isolated regime barred South Koreans from entering a Seoul-funded joint industrial park on its side of the frontier.

In a statement published by the state KCNA news agency, the Korean People’s Army general staff warned Washington that US threats would be “smashed by… cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means”.

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4 Replies to “N. Korea approves nuclear strike on United States”

  1. While they can use three stage rockets to reach LEO there are no signs one is ready so the western portions of Alaska are the only places on the mainland at risk, Guam on the other hand is possible within their reach.

  2. Unless the missing subs are on a suicide mission they would be placing the nuke on the bottom of a harbor for a water burst, which would create a mini (maybe not so mini) tidal wave in the harbor. Doing this would ruin the harbor for shipping purposes for a while the length of time would depend on how dirty the bomb was and how easy secondary radiation would be to remove.

    The second report was either a launch from a Chinese sub that sneaked up close or from a cargo vessel with a scud type missile in the hold. I don’t know which is the most likely but doubt either would be used unless China has decided now is the time for the war against us. I doubt they have since even with Obama cutting or military and the number of warheads we have it would be national suicide to use a nuke on the US when you don’t have enough to swamp the defenses and destroy all major military bases. Even then our missile subs that are at sea have been reduced by with the vast majority of China’s population in 6 cities I doubt they would want to risk the revenge strike.

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