Trading of Women Rife in East Afghanistan, Report Claims

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“… women that have been sold three to five times and in some cases sold along with their daughters…”

Women in Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan – File photo from Kabul by Tim King

(KABUL) – The sale and exchange of women as goods is rampant in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province with as many as two women traded per day, according to the findings of a sociology researcher.

In a report obtained by TOLOnews, researcher Assadullah Ahmadi stated that he found some women had been traded up to five times in three Nangarhar districts – Rodat, Mohmand, and Shinwar – as part of the socially-accepted use of wives and daughters as possessions.

“It is [happening] in Mohmand and Rodad, and all of the Shinwar, and the spot of sale is the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan,” Ahmadi said.

In his report, Ahmadi says that the eastern Afghan women were often sold across the border into Pakistan and usually for less than the cost of a mule.

“There are even women that have been sold three to five times and in some cases sold along with their daughters. When we went to them, we came to know their price is less than a mule,” he said.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs on Saturday told TOLOnews that it is aware of women being sold in Afghanistan and especially in eastern Nangarhar province, stating that it is a cultural practice that even the clerics are not capable of preventing.

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  1. This is a prime example of the Islamic mind set, this is what will be brought to the entire world if we don’t win the war.

  2. I can’t believe that we have been in Afghanistan for 12 years and this practice is still allowed to continue. I’d sure as Hell put a stop to it and change the prehistoric culture of the place if I were in charge.

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