Muslims win their victory against Lego. But what next?

So the Muslims managed to bully Danish toy-maker, Lego into abandoning it’s Star Wars kit because the cover of the box has an image that vaguely resembles the Hagia Sophia, one of Christendom’s major early architectural accomplishments laid siege to and conquered by Islamic forces centuries ago.

But what next? Will they manage to stop this popular kit?

The ever popular, Lego Koran

Take Beer!

Take Beer!

And what about this one? 2 Danish icons in one box!

This kit comes assembled and the child is to take it apart!

This kit comes assembled and the child is to take it apart!

But if people are looking at something to be rightiously angry at, both at the symbolic level as well as the real-world please look at this untouched genuine photo taken by Fjordman recently inside the Hagia Sophia, once the crown jewel of the Byzantine Empire, essentially a Vatican East and now its a mosque where Christian prayers are not even allowed to take place by law. Notice the signs all over the inside. This is a genuine outrage. All those morons parading around demanding that Jerusalem, the actual ancestral home of the Jewish people be renamed ‘Al Quds’ and given to violent Muslims really should be demanding the release of the Hagia Sophia and renaming the city of Istanbul back to its real name, Constantinople.

That is, if there was any consistency to their reasoning whatsoever.

Inside the Hagia Sophia as it is today

Inside the Hagia Sophia as it is today

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6 Replies to “Muslims win their victory against Lego. But what next?”

  1. Silliest complaint ever. The toy had nothing to do with the converted church Hagia Sofia. Did they not watch Star Wars? Or now is any domed building real or toy now referencing a mosque of their choice.

    Those same morons should also be demanding the Taj Mahal be returned to HIndus and be returned to its originally purpose as a Shiva Temple.

    Return the Hagia Sofia to a church and return the Taj Mahal to a Shiva temple.

  2. They call the Hagia Sophia a “museum” (since 1935, Ataturk and secularization).

    But since 2006, one section has been used for prayer.

    It’s not “just” a museum.

    Last month (Feb./13) “…a parliamentary commission is also considering an application to re-open Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Museum for prayers…”


    Did you know there are actually 7 Hagia Sophia churches in Turkey, 5 of which recently and “officially” became mosques since the re-islamization of Turkey, thanks to ERDOGAN and his crew.

    The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is the last to be “officially’ converted to a mosque. The 2nd to last Hagia Sophia in Trabzon was “officially” converted to a mosque, or is in the process of being converted, in Feb/March 2013.

    March 21, 2013 – “If Hagia Sophia of Istanbul will be used in a way that is opposite to its historical and religious character, Greece will react both bilaterally and internationally”, the Minister stressed (Greece’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dimitri Avramopoulos).


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