Sweden Denies Asylum to Christians Facing Persecution

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STOCKHOLM — Christians in Iran face arrest, torture, even death. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Swedish immigration officials.

Sweden wants to send Iranian Christian asylum seekers, who left Islam, back to Iran where they could be killed.

Iran is one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians. As apostates from Islam, they face grave danger in this country.

But their requests for asylum status that could save their lives have been denied.

Reza Jabbari has been in hiding after his asylum request was rejected. He knows what could await him in Iran.

“Islam teaches that every man who leaves Islam must be killed because that man is an apostate,” he said.

His pastor, Cai Berger, still can’t believe Reza’s asylum request was denied.

“I thought, this should be a piece of cake. This man [Reza] has brought other Muslims to the Christian faith,” Berger said.

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5 Replies to “Sweden Denies Asylum to Christians Facing Persecution”

  1. Now I know that evil lies behind all this. Sweden would never dream of halting immigration or sending Muslims back, because it has always had the Leftist excuses of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘human rights’, but the fact that Christians can be sent back to Iran shows that these excuses are no longer applicable.
    The truth is, as we’ve suspected all along is that this little Marxist cultural experiment has nothing to do with ‘rights’ but is simply a ploy to destroy Western and Christian values.

  2. It is not only non-muslim immigration, Sweden also seems to have a problem with native Swedish men taking foreign bribes, apparently it has emerged that Sweden has the highest number of local men with Thai wives or life partners.


    This toxic combination of islamophillic “multiculturalism” and rampant misandry (albeit selectively enforced on Swedish, Western and all non-muslim men in general), stinks to high heaven.

  3. I have no respect for the Swedes who sat on the fence and even aided the Nazis during the Second World War while their neighbours were all invaded in spite of having a standing army of a quarter of a million men at the time (Australia e.g. had less than 30K at the outbreak of that conflict but immediately responded from the other side of the world).

    These poor genuine refugees are the type Australia should assist. Hopefully Australia, New Zealand or Canada will intervene to assist this family before it is too late?

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