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16 Replies to “Interesting CNN clip on ancient relationship between Jews and Persia”

  1. Every time I hear Ahmadinejad go on about how they have to protect themselves from the dreaded Jewish enemy I am struck by the extreme phoniness of the whole thing. Persians and Israelis have no history of war between them, and Tehran is a thousand miles from Jerusalem; they didn’t fight in the 1948 war and they haven’t fought since. Iran has no issue with Israel other than the fact that they are Jewish and the Quran orders the hatred and murder of Jews.

    Are the Iranian people really so dumb as to believe that the Jews are going to annihilate them if they don’t get an atomic bomb? God, that’s ridiculous. And the mainstream media and the politicians of the world keep acting as if any of this is even close to being real, as opposed to the Islamic/leftist theater that it actually is. There is no Zionist threat and there is no possibility whatsoever that the Iranians are developing their nuclear capabilities to get isotopes, so we should stop humoring them by giving credence to their lies. When is the media going to get past referring to the “alleged” Iranian A-bomb program? It’s not “alleged” just because Ahmadinejad says it is. That’s like taking Hitler at his word. Stupid!

  2. A good Iranian Muslim could bust that cylinder in a few minutes with a hammer.

    I could gag on westard “good feelings, lesson to be learned” crap like this.

    What is it supposed to say? “Take that you meany Islamysticists, your heathen ancestors acted human, so should you, shame on you!”

    Yeah, that is just like acid on an Afghan girls face to Islam.

  3. Note how she is ignoring the fact that the hard feelings comes from the Koran and Islam and tries to make everyone equally responsible for the tension.

  4. Cyrus the Great was a Zoroastrian, not a mahoundian… Good thoughts, good words and good deeds, the cornerstones of Zarathustra’s message, are the polar opposites of “slay the idolaters wherever you find them, smite at their necks”, 33:59, 33:21, 4:34, 9:5, 9:29, 5:33, 76:19, etc.

  5. It’s funny how the gentleman says that Zoroastrian Persia was a place where it was acknowledged that people of different cultures and religions could not have someone else’s beliefs and cultures imposed on them, while having nothing to say about the fact that mahoundianism is nothing but the forced imposition of barbaric beliefs and culture on those with the misfortune to find no way to fight back against its adherents.

  6. I have to admit that I am way past the point of explanation.

    In my view Israel have the right to eradicate iran when ever they want. The only one to blame is iran.

  7. So the Persians and Jews got along initially long ago…… and then Mohammed was born and it all went down from there.

    That is the key party Amanpour deliberately leaves out in a segment all about religious tolerance of ancient Persians. The modern day Iranians do not hold to the pre-Islamic traditions of Cyrus, but of the desert Arab war lord Mohammed. It is not others who need to change their view of Iranians. It is Iranians and useful idiots like Amanpour and the guy she interviewed who need to think about why is Iran so different now than it was when that cylinder was made, and why today the relationship between Iran and Jews is so bad. Hint – Mohammed and his religion of conquest and subjugation Islam.

  8. Christ Jones, South Asians also do not have a history of conflict with Jews either and no wars were fought either. But that does not mean South Asian Muslims don’t hate Jews just like other Muslims and Arabs. Pakistani Muslims hunted down Jews in Pakistan (Daniel Pearl) or when there aren’t any there hunted for them in India and kill them with their usually kill target Hindus (Mumbai Massacre 2008). What could make a Pakistani hate Jews so much that they would make sure to kill some in their invasion of India to kill Hindus? Islam. Islam taught them to hate and kill Hindus and Jews. Islam is the source of the millions and millions of Hindus murdered and enslaved, and loss of Hindu land, and is the source of suffering of Jews in the Middle East and wherever Muslims are with Jews. You should notice India has overall a good relationship with Israel. Both the areas partitioned to create Pakistan and Bangladesh for bigoted Muslim Indians to create their own Muslim state has the same hostile attitude towards Israel and Jews. Difference is majority religion, Hindu versus Muslim.

  9. It is worth noting that in the Bombay attack, the terrorists used a great deal of resources and opportunity to go after a distant Jewish target. This shows the value of it to them. The fact that they could have done a great deal more damage had all their personnel and equipment continued the focus on the area they all went to initially, the train station and fashionable Cafe’s etc

    The fact that they carefully planned for one or more of their number to get to the Chabod house quite distant from their other target and attack Jews speaks volumes. If only the Western media took their Marxist headphones off for 10 minutes.

  10. Utter bollocks, it doesn’t say that the Persians had this wonderful multicultural society. Quite the opposite, in fact. It says that the king of Persia allowed the Jews to go back to their OWN land, thereby acknowledging that any racial or cultural group needs a geographical area (country) where they can live by their own laws and customs. Multiculturalism can never work. The only way that the population of the world will live in peace and harmony in the same geographical area is to have a draconian enforced monoculture, thich I think is the aim of the new world order. Even if they succeded, they would have revolts springin up all over the place

  11. The sublime idiocy of CNN and Amanpour shines through in all their dhimmitude, completely ignoring the Islamic takeover of the “Islamic Republic of Iran”, which BTW, should be more correctly called the “Islamic Theocracy of Iran”.

    Wouldn’t say Muslim if her mouth was full of it.

  12. @ Dallas

    I think it would be even more correct to call it “Islamic Mullahcracy of Iran” instead…. 😉 The “theo” part of “theocracy” implies wrongly that God could be behind this dictatorial system 🙁

  13. Can anyone explain to me the how this stone helped founding democracy/basic human rights and the American constitution???? I was taught that the Greek/Roman civilisations and their philosophy, the renaissance, the enlightenment and the French, American revolutions were the basis.

  14. En Mand you received a non politically correct education, now days they are teaching that the Europeans did nothing but kill and that the Arabs are all peace loving people whose inventions were stolen by the Europeans.

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