Burmese riots now have 20 dead

“Islam has bloody borders” -don’t remember but probably millions of people, mostly dead or injured.

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Myanmar town in state of emergency with 20 dead

Myanmar declared a state of emergency Friday for a riot-hit town where 20 people have been killed in Buddhist-Muslim violence that has sparked fears of spreading unrest.

Swathes of Meiktila, located 130 kilometres (80 miles) north of the capital Naypyidaw, have been reduced to ashes as the authorities struggle to establish control after three days of clashes and arson.

“At least 20 people have been killed. We estimate that it could be higher but it is also difficult for us to gather all the figures,” a police officer who did not want to be named told AFP.

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8 Replies to “Burmese riots now have 20 dead”

  1. Hard to believe a little tiff over jewelry might spread to other parts of the nation. Unless of course you consider that sane human beings can only take so much crap from Muslims and then they break.

    A piece of gold straw on the Buddhas back, perhaps too heavy.

  2. This is obviously the fault of the Buddhists. Everywhere you look in the world today you find Buddhists making trouble as they attempt to spread their violent doctrine across the world.

    Some people trace the origins of Buddhist violence back to the Buddha himself, who said: “If the unbeliever cannot be converted to the doctrine of Ahimsa and the Four Noble Truths, kill him!”

  3. Pakistan and Bangladesh provide Burmese jihadists with military and “religious” (i.e. agitation and propoganda and radicalization) training.

    This isn’t the product of ethnic tensions and follows the exact same pattern of other such conflicts. A province of a free country that is next to a muslim one developes “tensions”. The non muslims are incited and goaded with all manner of offence and atrocity untill they respond- then the “defensive” jihad begins. It’ been a strategy the muslims have used for over a thousand years.

    The muslims goal is to start a guerilla war that will lead to the province splitting away from Burma.

  4. Yes this is exactly the case and works over and over again. One might call it, if it needed a name, ‘Balkinization’. And when it gets bad enough, Somalification. Clearly though this is the plan and we need to make sure everyone understands how it works.

  5. Eeyore you are right, this violence is part of a plan that the Moslems think will let them take over the world, they keep pushing until the non Moslems fight back and then blame them for the violence.

    BL@KBIRD it isn’t just the Moslem crap, the crap of the left causes the same reaction.

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