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15 Replies to “Swedish legacy politician finds solution to immigration failure. Disenfranchise indigenous Swedes”

  1. How can the White majority be the problem? That’s like the saying the problem with Canada is the Canadians or the problem with Japan is the Japanese people. Is this woman stupid or what? Hello, lady, have you looked in a mirror recently? Have you noticed that you yourself are white?
    One day this idiotic woman and other morons like her will find themselves raped, beaten or butchered by one of these non-Whites that live in Sweden. Then she’ll find out exactly which part of society is the real problem, and if justice plays out as it should do she won’t be getting any sympathy from her own kind, the problematic White majority that she has stabbed in the back!
    Two words can describe this woman, idiot and traitor.

  2. Sahlin ought to see how her policies work in the real world by going for a stroll in Rosengård at dusk. Considering how sick she is, she might actually enjoy what would happen to her in such a situation.

  3. Well well, it seems the cupid stunt is hedging her bets. It appears she has dyed her hair dark in the vain, forlorn hope of not getting raped by the islamotarded scum she and her sociopath…..er….socialist kind have so willingly embraced with open arms, bleeding hearts, and empty minds. (Bleating hearts?)

    Can whole nations be nominated for the Darwin Award? Sweden hasn’t been right since the Battle of Poltava.

    Now what was we smoking by telling all those silly Polish jokes back in the 70’s? The joke is on the Swedes, lol. Poles are resilient and still have their warrior spirit.

    “Amor Patriae Nostra Lex”

  4. I agree – they should aim for more diversity. For a start, they could try including people whose IQ is higher than their blood temperature.
    Then they could add a few historians, some logic/semantic experts and maybe a rationalist or two.

  5. Yes, the Swedish majority should change. Children of Swedish men and non-Swedish women should be considered Swedish. The inverse of course, relations between Swedish women and non-Swedish men, should be strictly forbidden.
    If the Swedes do not comply, I issue a rule in which children of Dutch or Polish men and Swedish women are considered fully Dutch respectively Polish.
    The Swedes should also learn Somali, Kurdish and Albanian. This will be very useful in a civil war. I advise Dutch people to learn Turkish and both Moroccan languages, Arabic and Berber.

  6. Softly BobOne day this idiotic woman and other morons like her will find themselves raped

    Its known as sleeping with the enemy, and considering her mindset, she will enjoy it.

  7. It is like a report in Scotland a couple of years ago that stated Muslims find it hard to integrate because of the drinking culture. Well how about pissed Scottish people find it hard to mix with Muslims because when it comes down to the nitty gritty they talk a lot of pish about some crazed camel herder from the Arabian desert.

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