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3 Replies to “Sobieski at Vienna 1683 / Odsiecz Wiede?ska 1683”

  1. Years ago there was great anticipation of a Polish edu-entertainment venture called “Victoria” which at this point appears to be non-existent despite great plans for a cinematic treasure, museum and theme park based on Sobieski’s victory at the Gates of Vienna. What the heck happened to that project?

    Where are the “Peter Jacksonesque” directors, producers and screenwriters desperately needed to produce cinematic masterpieces depicting the hard fought victories @ Tours, Lepanto, Vienna etc. to expose every generation to the horrors this resurging enemy hopes to thrust upon the entire global community?

  2. As I said in a different post I hope the movie is released with English dubbed dialogue.

    The only problem I see with the movie is that it will be a 2 to 3 hour program, to cover this correctly they need to put on a mini series of at least 8 two hour shows or better yet a 13 to 22 episode series for one year covering the political and military preparations.

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