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4 Replies to “RT: Engdahl: Sharia Shushed: Majority of Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. Thanks for the video. What I get out of it is
    a) that the speaker seems rather optimist, if he thinks that the Muslim Brotherhood will give up – they are a terminal cancer – there might be the odd “remission” of Taquia…and then it will be on again…

    b) It really seems that we have to thank the ghastly Clinton for the rise of the muslim brotherhood…and there they always say that men are ruled by their dicks (if I may be vulgar), it seems (if I can believe the stories about her and her female compagnon) that women seem to be ruled from the same anatomical region.

    Does anyone believe that we have seen the back of the muslim brotherhood?

  2. Ridiculous piece. The leftard dreamer is typical. Hasn’t a clue about the structure of Islam. The gossamer thin layer of “secular Egyptians” will be easily silenced by spilling their blood. RT is not much better than Al Jazeera in terms of agenda pimping.

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