Ruined but no cowards, Greece says NO to a mosque for Athens

Original translation by Oz-Rita


The capital of Greece refuses to build a mosque. It’s the only capital in Europe without one.






Preserve the national identity For the orthodox bishop, Seraphim of Piraeus, Greece must preserve her national identity. Some think that such a mosque would  favour illegal immigration. That is the main reason. Another one is financial: Greece does not have the funds to build a mosque.

So, on cue, the prime minister of Turkey arrives and offers to finance the construction. Heroically in an islamised Europe, the Greek minister rejects the offer from Erdogan!

What an example for France, whose  huge mosque of Venissieux with its four minarets demonstrates the ease with which some collaborate with those who would have France disappear. Deeply in debt, the rejection of this proposition is proof of Greece’s rejection of islam and the positive influence that the orthodox church has on the country.

Athens is likely to remain the European exception for some time yet, because the Greeks are seriously fed up with the muslims.



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6 Replies to “Ruined but no cowards, Greece says NO to a mosque for Athens”

  1. Meanwhile the Turks are still occupying Hagia Sophia, and now threatening to reuse it as a mosque.

    I do wish Turkey is thrown out of NATO. It has done everything in its power to disrupt allied operations in Iraq. Once out of NATO, it can face Russia alone, which has never ceased to view Constantinople and Hagia Sophia as the centre of Orthodox Christianity. In fact, when the Ottoman empire was taken apart by Britain, Russia wanted to recover Constantinople. Britain saved Turkey by a delivering a warning to Russia not to interfere.

  2. After years of Leftist-assisted Islamic infiltration such as welfare-scrounging, jihadist-threats and sporadic rapes, the countries of Western Europe and North America (include Australia and others in this), are slowly realising what a Trojan horse they have welcomed into their fair lands.
    The Greeks, on the other hand are more clued up, having suffered for years under Ottoman tyranny and in recent years they have experienced ongoing border disputes with Turkey. The Greeks are not as stupid as we are when it comes to Islam. They know dangerous liars when they see them.
    Good for them!

  3. The Greeks are showing the rest of Europe the way to national survival, the big question is will the rest of Europe follow Greece’s lead?

  4. @Peter Jensen
    Coming soon: Danish Mega-Mosque Funded by Iran [Sep 22, 2011]
    The city council of Copenhagen has given its final approval for the construction of the first official “Grand Mosque” in the Danish capital. The mega-mosque will have a massive blue dome as well as two towering minarets and is architecturally designed to stand out on Copenhagen’s low-rise skyline.

    Unlike most mosques in Europe, which cater to Sunni Muslims, the mosque in Copenhagen pertains to Shia Islam. The mosque is being financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran; critics say that theocrats in Tehran intend to use the mosque to establish a recruiting center for the militant Shia Muslim group, Hezbollah in Europe.

    Critics of the Shia mosque have warned local politicians that the building will be owned by the Iranian regime for use as a propaganda center as well as a platform from which to recruit impressionable Muslim immigrant youths for service to Hezbollah. But the Copenhagen city council states that who pays for building the mosque is none of its concern.

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