Russian bust of muslims shows classic islamic literature available in mosques everywhere.

Thank you Magic Matin and Dar-Link for finding and translating this video respectively.

I feel this is important as it shows the concern the Russian armed services have over common islamic materials they found in a jihadi camp.

Paraphrasing Maj. (ret) Stephen Coughlin:

Nawawi is a classic jurist (read jihadi) whose writings have great standing.  Nu Ha Mim Keller, the commentator/translator of Reliance of the Traveller, relies on him a lot in that book. Nawawi is a Shafi’ite.

For a better understanding of how these books influence the WWJ (World-Wide-Jihad) please watch this brief by Maj. (R) Stephen Coughlin

More here at Gates

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  1. Hmm interesting. Seems the Russians are finally getting to grips with these dicks. You can’t have one authoritarian government being undermined by another authoritarian ideology. Makes sense. Better a Russian demagogue than an Islamic one.

  2. Mosque Raid Causes Outrage

    Human rights organizations in Russia, Tajikistan and Georgia on Tuesday protested mass arrests and reported harassment and beatings of mostly Central Asian and North Caucasus migrant workers during Friday’s raid on a marketplace in central St. Petersburg.

    Mass beatings were reported to have taken place during the raid at Apraksin Dvor.

    “People who were victims of the mosque raid there and their relatives keep approaching us since the raid took place,” said Anna Udyarova, a lawyer with the Memorial Anti-Discrimination Center, on Tuesday.

    “For instance, one citizen of Uzbekistan said he had gone there with his sons, the youngest of whom was 10, and security service officers had used force against him, had beaten him as well as his adult sons, and all this had happened before the eyes of his 10-year-old son.

    “Witnesses who work nearby in Apraksin Dvor said about 200 people were beaten, and some sustained injuries as serious as broken arms and legs, but they refuse to file official complaints or document their injuries because they’re afraid of how the authorities will respond. But in conversation with us, they say that all the men who were at the mosque during the service were beaten.”

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