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3 Replies to “Geert Wilders in Bonn English titles. Feb 4 2013”

  1. Eeyore,

    An initiative for a referendum on new power transfers to the EU has been initiated in the netherlands.

    It is of course of the greatest importance the fascist dictatorship of the EU be stopped in its tracks.

    Every vote counts, so maybe you could consecrate a blogpost to this worthy initiative.


  2. What an inspiring speech, what a hero of a man! Thank you for this tape (the subtitling is excellent, and Geert Wilders’ German is exquisit, I just love his accent). I have heard it said, that he is populist and simplistic. Well if this clear language and this courageous directness of speech is “populist” and “simplistic”, give me more of it!
    And another point: I was very disappointed by the reaction I got from my Jewish contacts when I asked them to attend Geert Wilder’s speeches here in Australia. Should any Jewish person listen to this tape, listen especially from minute 52.30.

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