BREAKING: Security fires shots into air as anti-Morsi protesters charge at presidential palace

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Security forces fire shots into the air as some anti-Brotherhood protesters throw molotov cocktails and fireworks at the presidential palace

Ahram Online, Friday 8 Feb 2013


  • UPDATE: Anti-Morsi demonstrations turn violent in Cairo; clashes in several provincial cities
  • Security forces at the presidential palace fire shots into the air Friday evening to ward off hundreds of anti-President Mohamed Morsi protesters who have managed to remove the barricades surrounding one of the palace’s gates.Hundreds of protesters chanted “Down, down with the Brotherhood,” as they removed the wires and barricades which the presidential guard had set up to seal the palace earlier on Friday.

    A number of protesters threw Molotov cocktails and fireworks in the direction of the premises of the presidential palace.

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7 Replies to “BREAKING: Security fires shots into air as anti-Morsi protesters charge at presidential palace”

  1. Commentator on the video believes that the bomb was place someone insane or an anarchist group.

    An anti-Christ or anti-Christian group or person, is far more likely.

  2. The harder Mr. Morsi comes down on the citizenry, it will become difficult for him to govern even in an Islamic police state religious dictatorship. I hope the Genie as it were stays out of the bottle.

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