Egypt protesters come to aid of ransacked Intercontinental hotel

Notice its the anti-government forces that protected the hotel, and its guests. One might presume from this that it was government armed people who attacked it.


Armed groups break into Semiramis hotel off Tahrir Square, shoot at employees and guests early Tuesday; anti-government demonstrators ward off looters as security forces fail to arrive

Bel Trew, Tuesday 29 Jan 2013

Dozens of armed assailants raided and looted the InterContinental Semiramis hotel on Cairo’s Nile Corniche, while staff desperately called for help via their official Twitter account, in the early hours of Tuesday morning amid fierce clashes between protesters and security forces.

Anti-government demonstrators secured the besieged hotel and helped hotel guests flee until they were safely in taxis to the airport, as the police and the army failed to come to their aid.

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  1. Just as the civil war in Syria and it may well be that either the MB or the military are behind the riots wanting to bring their opposition out where they can be identified.

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