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11 Replies to “Mark Steyn: Hiroshima and the Central African republic Vs. Detroit”

  1. I am very sorry to see two people who are at the forefront of the resistance to our genocide sit there and blatantly deny the truth If we are going to save ourselves the first thing that we MUST do is STOP going along with the liberal agenda, STOP self censoring, Stop repeating their lies,and start telling the truth.
    Yes, the socialist administration was a contributing factor, but the truth is that Detroit has been given over to black people, and this is what they do everywhere they go. Go to any city in europe, America, Canada and you will find that in the areas where black people congregate you get the same things- lawlessness, gangs, drugs, guns, and that is EVERYWHERE.
    Just look at the African countries that have been given over to black rule, they are basket cases.Just look at the untold story of hurricane Katrina. The white people got slated for not helping the black people, WHO WERE SHOOTING AT THE PEOPLE WHO WERE COMING TO HELP THEM, presumably so that they could carry on looting. The white areas never got a mention, they just picked themselves up, dusted themselves down,and got on with rebuilding, with a lot less help than the black areas got.
    Race is TOTALLY at the bottom of Detroit’s problems. If these commentators are too frightened to publicly admit it (and I wouldn’t blame them). Then they should just not comment on that aspect, rather than going along with the lies and dishonesty.
    As a postscript, once they have taken over an area it becomes open season on white people, with the complicity and encouragement of the liberal media. Their aim is to eradicate us COMPLETELY, by any means, I often used to wonder why the Jews went so willingly to their fate, at best passive, at worst eagerly cooperating with their murderers, sadly I can see the same thing with my own race,-and I still none the wiser.

  2. I would have to agree with the comments above, except to qualify that the black people living there aren’t middle class, or working class black people who’ve presumably moved out years ago. But the 100% correlation between black people moving in, and the disease, high illegitmacy rates and crime hold true.
    But white people are partly to blame. By making drugs illegal they have fuelled the crime and violence, sucking areas into a vortex of self destruction.
    Yet another example of stupid policies, right wing this time, causing unintended consequences.

  3. Yeah, that’s the trouble, it’s always somebody else’s fault.,.Thing is, in europe we didn’t have a drug problem until we imported it. We didn’t have half the problems of dysfunctional families until we started changing our culture to accommodate incoming cultures, if you’re honest, you’ll ask yourself who’s bringing who down. We had a decent, happy, safe civilisation until we decided to exchange it for a multi culti hell on earth. (in the inner cities). Added to the damage that has been done to the white working class (now known as the ‘underclass’) by the steady erosion of their values it is now becoming open season on whites. There was a white kid stabbed in Manchester only last week, as usual no description. Straight away you know it’s going to be a black, or increasingly, as in this case, an Asian.
    So why do you think we are in such a mess ?
    I’ll tell you why, for every bit of bad behaviour by immigrants, ethnic minorities someone will pop up. like you have and make an excuse, usually laying the blame at whitey’s door. They know that if they commit a crime, no matter how heinous, that they stand a much better chance of getting away with it because no one is going to give a description of them.They know that when they go to court the legal system will be softer on them. They know that if they can hang a racism charge on their victim that they will likely get away with it all together.They know that even if they are given control of a city, a country and totally wreck it that they will be deluged with documentary makers, eager to put the blame on white racism, the Republicans, the banks, anyone but them.
    They know that even people who are speaking out dare not tell the whole truth. If we keep going on the way we are the whole of the developed world will come to resemble Detroit, or Gaza, except for a few gated enclaves, where rich white liberals live

  4. @Philip, you got it right, the left set out to destroy the west and the destruction of the culture has been their most successful campaign, it has worked even better then Obama’s bankrupt the US campaign.

  5. Absolutely, the trouble is, those who are doing the dirty work don’t really realise what they are doing,they seem to be programmed to destroy no matter what. No amount of reasoning, no argument, no truth can sway them, in fact if you do manage to argue a point where the truth is unavoidable they clam up, and quite often blank you forever more. No consequences to themselves or anyone else can sway them. Their children can be raped, tortured, murdered, and they’ll be on T.V. next day telling everyone that it’s not going to sway them from their liberal principals.They are intelligent people, and they DO know the truth. They lie so often to support their viewpoint that they can’t possibly not know.
    Why do they do it ? beats the crap out of me.THEY are the ones, if the situation came about, who would be quite happy to stuff their fellow citizens into gas ovens, so convinced are they of the rightness and the righteousness of their cause, and so irrationally visceral is their hatred for anyone who opposes them.
    Wish I knew what they put in the tea at our university’s

  6. They think that if everything falls apart and is utter chaos the far left will take over and create utopia. No matter how many times this is tried it always brings about dictatorship and death camps. In fact they have estimated that they will have to kill or re-educate 25 million people in the US to be able to take over and start on utopia. They never see that any government that is based on murdering its citizens has to keep murdering them to stay in power.

  7. This is true.but I think in the long run they have wildly miscalculated the hold that they have on power. Despite all efforts to change it’s make up, and despite all the propaganda, the military is largely WASP based, (with genuine respect to those who are not from that group, including the ethnic minorities), nontheless, it is built on a very strong WASP ethos, that has proved very difficult to to significantly diminish. For one thing. without that ethos the whole thing would unravel, and although all socialist hate the military, they do love the power that it brings them, They love their little adventures, their righteous crusades. The other reason is that any form of gainful employment is an anathema to a lot of the new ‘Americans’, let alone the demanding life and discipline in the military. (again, with genuine respect for those for whom that is not the case). A significant number hate America and everything it stands (or stood) for. So the military remains overwhelmingly ‘old’ American, who already have little to thank the present regime for.
    I think they can put as many ivy league, brainwashed officers at the top, You can enforce newspeak with stalinist zeal, but you can’t control what’s going on in their heads.
    The people who ran the gulags, the concentration camps ALREADY followed Hitler Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot with messianic zeal. American presidents, especially this one command no such adulation among the U.S.military. I just can’t see them rounding U’S. citizens up and putting them into camps, especially when it’s almost exclusively the white ones (because they will be the target). Without the cooperation of the military they will come badly unstuck, and thats where all the real hardware is, and even if they start off pounding smalltown anywheresville with helicopter gunships I don’t think that it would be very long before they sought out more ‘appropriate targets.
    Of course that is just my opinion, and I could be wrong……………

  8. You got that right, and the vast majority of enlisted personal and most of the non service family officers come from flyover country, they are from the areas that resistance will come from, which is also the places most long service enlisted retire to.

    Then the people who say the people who would rebel have no planes, tanks or artillery. The various Guard units have those, and it will be the families of the Guard that revolt, guess which side they will come down on?

    The above facts should stop the left, but they live in a delusional world where peoples oaths don’t mean anything and where everyone but a few nuts love and respect them.

  9. I am not familiar with the term flyover country. I just know that the media tries to give the impression that ‘whitey’is exploiting the ethnics (with a nod to the white ‘underclass’), and any set piece photo ops in the press they do their usual trick of putting the ‘ethnics’ at the front- to give the impression that there are more of them than there are.Once away from the set piece they appear to be overwhelmingly white, articulate and intelligent.. As you say,they will be being ordered to fire (almost exclusively) on their own people.
    Sad to note that poor whites don’t join the military in the numbers that they used to, for them too welfare is easier, which is a shame, because a military career used to be the path to prosperity for many of them.The military instils values in a person that are of benefit to them for their entire life

  10. Flyover country is the middle of the nation, the Midwest and the West, the self proclaimed elites flyover this country traveling from coast to coast, they don’t want to visit because they might have to see people that disagree with them and aren’t afraid to tell them.

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