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13 Replies to “Excellent excerpt: Caroline Glick”

  1. Glick nails it! The brontosaurus in the room, the ultimate hard question to which every “compassionate” BDS apologist refuses to respond to, in predictable fashion, almost always in the following order – deflection, denial, demonization, but usually just silence, followed by the parroting of the same rhetoric. Like talking to a tape loop.

    I used to naively believe that the human family was “raising its awareness” in this globalized world, and those from uncivilized areas may even have an excuse for their ignorance since they breathe it like a fish in water and therefore don’t notice their bizarre state of illogic. But to Westerners, who have ready access to all kinds of free thought, it is WE who are slipping badly into a mass delusion. Used to be a few Mooney crackpots and the like, now the mental disease is approaching probably 20 per cent, judging by comments on MSM articles put out by the likes of the CBC, Washington Post, CNN, etc. Most others, like BBC, Reuters, conveniently have no public forums on their internet articles.

    We are on a path “Forward” to a mass cognitive break when this loud and ignorant minority comes to realize the hard way that there are no unicorns with rainbows coming out of their arses.

  2. I think this lady is the kuffar itself. She has hatred of Islam and the arabs flowing like rivers in her blood. I hope Allah shows her the light and she marries a muslim and become a palestinian.

  3. Anis’ first remark about “kuffar” puctuates Glick’s speech perfectly, and his second point punctuates the effectiveness of the mass brainwashing in Western educational institutions.

  4. The results of the debate affirm the majority of the voters at the event believe in judenrein policy for the “West Bank”. Imagine if Israel has such a policy. Ain’t much intelligent life on this planet, despite the name of the debate. Should be called Intelligence Square Root instead.

  5. What an inspiration! One of us [me] over-polite, empathic, scholarly intellictuals states the facts to her peers, we shirking allies as well as those ever-bawling adversaries, with passion not apology! [I whisper, “Go,girl!”]

  6. I’ll never understand why anyone would ever want to engage jihadis in this way. It’s not about land. It sure as hell isn’t about birth rates. It’s not about treaties, armistice lines, settlements, or even who launched which idiot weapon from which civilian site to score media propaganda sympathy. It’s about global jihad – a fascist doctrinally mandated multi-generational impulse to conquer the entire world for islam and shove it down everyone’s throats with no regard whatsoever for how they might feel about it.

    Did the free peoples of Middle Earth look upon the sea of Orks and Trolls gathered outside of their gates and retire for wine and scrumpets to flap their pacifist gums over which particular subset of monsters might be the most amenable to signing a peace treaty in exchange for some good quality swords and a few barrels of salted pork?

    Israel, why oh why isn’t every man woman and child in your country who can read spending a good part of your day reading about the facts of the matter over at Jihad Watch. And why are you not simply shouting loudly in one unanamous voice – “Hey, you evil assholes partnered up with Hitler to annihilate us all in WW2. (research Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini) So shut your pie holes – you are in absolutely no position to demand anything of us!”

  7. WOW !!! Caroline Glick for Prime Minister of Israel – or make that President of the US! And to hear her point about the demographics, I am becoming more optimist by the minute! Is there a tape of the other speakers somewhere? Although I think nobody could trump Caroline Glick!

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