It seems some in Europe are not in favour of legalizing gay marriage

Police claim it was 340,000 people. actual number closer to 1.3 million. Canadian leftists are notorious for using this tactic as well. Giving the number of attendees for example, an hour before an event begins in order to make it seem insignificant. CBC is especially notorious for this.

Personally I do not have an opinion on gay marriage I care to share at this time. But it remains problematic that the people who are to inform us, are the very ones who deceive us by default when anything runs contrary to their narrative. Triply so when it is state media such as the CBC. Europe of course is infested with state media.

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4 Replies to “It seems some in Europe are not in favour of legalizing gay marriage”

  1. I heard some of the organisers put the reason for this march like so: “We are Marriage-philes, not Homo-phobes”. The main organisers were a very popular French comedienne and a male homosexual. This law, however, will pass as Hollande has the numbers.

  2. If that many people care enough to go to the demonstration then ten to twenty times that many, maybe more think the sane but did go to the demonstration. With that many people opposing the measure the politicians should really think hard before they vote for the measure..

  3. I am not fearful of homos at all, I’m just disgusted by what they do and don’t want it anywhere near my children. I don’t want to see them practice their perversion in my presence either. If they wish to practice their wickedness behind closed doors that’s their business, I just don’t like to be grossed out by it.
    Good for France.

  4. As long as same sex couples have the same legal rights, as far as I’m concerned, heterosexual couples can keep their exclusive rights to marriage. Who cares. On a sidenote, men who think it is more virile to have sex with a woman than with a man are delusional.

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