Child sex trafficking in UK rising, says charity

This article is fully sanitized to avoid any mention of who the victims are and the criminals. But at this stage I really think no bookie would bet against the usual convicts in this kind of crime.

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Channel 4 News:

The proportion of sexually exploited children in Britain who have been trafficked within the country is rising, the children’s charity Barnardo’s warns.

Barnardo's has noted an increase in the number of younger children they help in some areas (getty)

The charity has also noted an increase in the number of younger children they help in some areas and a big increase in the number of children reporting sexual exploitation in Wales.

Of 546 sexually exploited children who Barnardo’s worked with in September, the number known to be trafficked rose by 84 per cent, from 76 to 140 year on year.

That equates to one in four in the UK, up from one in six in 2011, and rising to one in two in Wales.

The number of sexually exploited children known to Barnardo’s rose by 22 per cent to 1,452 in the UK last year and 37 per cent during the past three years.

Criminal networks

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Anne Marie Carrie said: “We are shocked at the rise in the number of children reporting they have been moved around the country by abusers.

“Domestic trafficking of children for sex is a sophisticated type of exploitation, a sinister form of organised violation through networks of criminals.

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5 Replies to “Child sex trafficking in UK rising, says charity”

  1. Excellent point about the bookie Eeyore…..

    I would bet dollars to doughnuts the increase can be directly linked to the increase in the immigration of those devotees of muhammad who seek the sexual favors of children as a matter of “religious adoration and devotion”…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. One of the stories linked to at the end of this chanel 4 report actually names “some” of last year’s accused:

    “Those on trial are Ahdel Ali, 23, Murbarek Ali, 28, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 24, Tanveer Ahmed, 39, Mahroof Khan, 33, Noshad Hussain, 21, Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 52, Mohammed Younis, 59 and 34-year-old Abdul Rouf.”

    In France where they are even more reluctant to post anything that could identify them as being peace-loving muslims, internet posters and “the wo/man in the street” have taken to calling all those Mohameds, Alis and Abdul: “VLADIMIR”.

  3. The press and government always release different numbers related to this disgusting subject. But they ignore the most alarming number. The number of muslim men who have participated as consumers. From victim testimony given to the BBC, these girls eventually get put into, as they have called it “revolving door situations” where they are forced to service “double digits” of men day after day for weeks on end.

    That’s A LOT of men. Even if you ony do the math based upon one day of this and only use “10” as the “double digits” in question.

    The reason these rape and forced prostitution gangs have gone on for so long is that the members of the “community” pay them to have access to these little girls. So even though they know who is doing what in their community they daren’t turn them in because they themselves are just as guilty.

    I’ve crunched the numbers in various ways here before. Even when using the most minimal numbers possible, The resulting answers always indicate that if you live in england you have today you have already seen AT LEAST one muslm man who has payed to essentially rape an 11 to 15 year old girl who’s been put into forced prostitution.

    It’s a horrid thing to say but look at the numbers yourselves. Your resulting aswers of participants will ALWAYS be in the hundreds of thousands – even when using the lowest possible variables.

    And there’s only so many adult muslim men in briton. That means a hell of a large proportion of them have participated as consumers. A hell of a lot.

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