Pakistan troops breach LoC, brutally kill 2 Indian soldiers, chop off heads, carry one away

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Indian Express:


In a gruesome attack, Pakistani troops today crossed into Indian territory and ambushed an Army patrol party killing two soldiers whose heads were reportedly then chopped off.

The attack took place along the Line of Control (LoC) in Poonch district when Pakistanis came about 100 metres into Indian territory and assaulted the patrol party.

Besides killing two Lance Naiks, Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh, they also injured two other soldiers.

During the brutal assault on the patrol party, the Pakistanis are said to have chopped off their heads, one of which they carried with them, informed sources said.

However, the Army, while confirming the killing of Indian soldiers, did not comment on reports that they had been beheaded.

According to the sources, the Border Action Team (BAT) of Pakistani Army entered the Indian territory at Krishna Ghati area of Poonch district and carried out the strikes.

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  1. There has to be retaliation for attacks like this or they will grow in number and intensity, the Moslems are pushing towards a war that will let them once again be a conquering people. They are aided in this effort by the left who has disarmed Europe and are in the process of crippling the US military, another think aiding them is the way the left has spent and borrowed the West into bankruptcy, Wars require vast amounts of money just as they require large numbers of soldiers. The Moslems think they have the advantage here and must strike before the western dependence on Middle Eastern oil is diminished by more exploitation of our vast untapped reserves in the US.

    The real big problem the world has in the conflict between India and Pakistan is that this conflict can turn nuclear very quickly, both sides have nuclear weapons and China is setting on the sidelines egging both sides on, a war between India and Pakistan would give China a chance to invade several of her neighbors and loot them to keep the Chinese population semi quiet.

  2. OT-VIDEO -AFGHANISTAN Karzai’s bodyguards kill 3 Afghans who came too close to the president’s car ( no details – no date for the incident – video uploaded on Jan 3rd )

  3. The beggar, drug mule nation of Pakistan must really look forward to losing yet another war with infidel India.

    Pakistan needs Iranian level of sanctions to teach it a lesson.

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