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7 Replies to “Pat Condell: Time to end Western racism”

  1. “When are we going to snap out of our stupid, patronizing, liberal, racist stupor and start listening?”

    I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I’m sorry, I haven’t watched it for the simple reason that it’s just attacking the same problem from another angle, and it’ll have absolutely zero effect on those it’s aimed at, you can rant, rave, reason, argue, beg ,plead, shout, scream, produce facts, figures, videos, and you will get nowhere. The people who are doing this have their own agenda, and they are sticking to it NO MATTER WHAT. If they were going to see reason, accept any truth, veer or stumble from their planned trajectory, they would have done so long before now, these people have SUBJUGATED, TRADUCED WHOLE CONTINENTS. They ain’t gonna be swayed by a rant by Pat Condell or anyone else.Sorry but we have already lost. Oh I’m like all of us, read the blogs, pass the odd comment, look for a sign of something changing, but,in my heart of hearts I know that we don’t stand a chance, their control is too complete, and their determination total. They are completely impervious to reason or argument, and our culture is already too fragmented to mount any kind of united defence, because we no longer have a common culture or identity. Fait accompli

  3. @phil: we ARE making a difference, even if it is only in our circle…pebbles in the pond

    @eyeore : I just came across your post now, after having done a little post on my blog, calling it “the racism of low expectation”. I am subscribed to Pat Condell’s chanel and promise you that I have not pinched the “racism of lower expectations” from you (although lately I get a big junk of my informations from Vlad Tepes). But I am flattered that we think along the same lines 🙂 🙂 “Entre gens du même goût on se comprend” say the French. (people with the same taste understand each other) 😉

  4. I don’t think we are Rita, I’ve just come across footage, quite by chance of the TSA in operation. They seem to deliberately employ dykes, who go out of their way to embarrass, humiliate, and harass white women, who are OBVIOUSLY no threat to security. I think we have got the game all wrong, theses are people with a serious grudge, and a burning hatred for ‘ordinary’ people, and that’s what drives them – burning hatred, you are never going to persuade them of anything about race or anything else, because they don’t really give a flying fig about black people, they hate them marginally less than white people. Ethnic minorities are their excuse, their legitimacy, their moral high ground. They don’t want to listen to arguments or reason, because it has nothing to do with what they are trying to achieve, it is merely the means by which they are achieving it.

  5. A side note on mothers celebrating the death of their own children in jihad and the value of life to mahoundians.
    Though we know mahoundians say that they love death as much as the rest of us love life, it isn’t just in jihad that their lives aren’t worth jack to them. It’s in their daily lives as well. Anyone who has been to mahoundian countries in the Middle East just have to watch how people drive and pedestrians cross the streets to see that. There is no worry about making it safely to the other side of a street, mahoundians just run among cars and even stop in the middle of extremely busy roads, leaving their damn fate in the hands of mahound’s imaginary alter-ego, allah.
    Eeyore once posted an interview on video with a British historian who started to support Israel after he had a look at traffic-accident statistics involving Israeli Arabs (most likely mostly mahoundians) vs. other Israelis, which made him start to question why the number of fatalities among the former was twice as high as those among the latter, and that was just another example of this question of the value of life to mahoundians.
    If they do not care at all about dying while crossing a street, or falling off shoddy scaffolding that they climb with no safety gear and while wearing sandals (just to mention yet another instance of such reckless and careless behavior regarding their own damn lives), dying while trying to murder infidels sure worries them even less about themselves… Regardless of what any blind adherent to leftist dogma might want to screech about “poverty and desperation driving the ‘poor’ fakestinians into committing terrorism.”

  6. I’ve just finished a rather large tome on the Russian Revolution. Among the missed chances and the grimace making cruelty. it’s interesting to observe how often the soft left, democrats, and various other factions seemingly endlessly negotiate with the Bolsheviks and never seem to learn that the Bolsheviks are pushing their own agenda, and only their own agenda. Everything they did was to promote their political vision, and they would lie, make alliances, concessions or whatever when weak, only to further their agenda when they were strong. Does this sound familiar?
    Like the National Socialists, the similarity with Islam is striking. Perhaps it’s a hallmark of fanatics.
    Any intelligent person should know this by now: in any negotiation with Islam you are being duped.
    It’s not a way to peace, infidels, moderate islamics etc, will end up in a grave pit, like the moderates in Soviet Russia.
    Time to wake up people, wake up.

  7. Blindguard. Islam, national socialism and communism are all the same thing: religions devoted to allowing the collective to destroy individuality. They are all religions (they worship Mohammed, Hitler, Stalin), no other value system has truth but theirs (that’s not to say that all religions are like them – I believe that socialisms are are “secularised” islam). It is their essence that they do not negotiate, they do not move. Rule by the collective is totalitarianism. It must reject all value systems beyond itself, that is why there can be no negotiation. To negotiate is to acknowledge that there is some “Other” beyond the collective and its value system.

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