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7 Replies to “RT: Ethnic tensions in France”

  1. Living in harmony, does she really expect anyone to believe that?

    As the worlds economy gets worse we can expect more violence from the Moslems, and the citizens of the hosting countries are going to start retaliating.

  2. In the video at 2:47 that shaven headed Nazi was denying the obvious fact of anti-white, anti-French racism. His title was similar to Grand Poo=Bah and I bet he is well remunerated for spewing these lies!!

  3. When a guest enters my house then it’s “mi casa es tu casa”.
    When the guest asks for food then he gets a cooked dinner.
    When the guest wants to sleep then he has a bed.
    But when the guest tries to rule my home, shouts at my kids and disrespects my wife, then it’s time to show him the door – with a boot up his ass, and a pistol against his head if necessary.
    Some guests have long outstayed their welcome, but the host is dreaming, or has forgotten who’s castle it really belongs to!

  4. Don’t ethnicize the conflict. There are White Nationalists seriously considering converting to some version of Islam in order to stick it to the Jews and to save The White Race.

    On the other hand, most muslims in Europe are not Arabs, by a far margin. Even in France, most are Amazigh and Black non-Arab Africans. This while Islam being distinctly Arab.

  5. To sum it all up: they want more money. In spite of years of acclimatisation, I still feel like I’m living in some alternate universe, when I see how people who don’t even speak the language, manage to survive and even thrive, as parasites, in societies which are not their own.

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