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10 Replies to “CBN: ‘Generation Identity’ Wages War on France Islamization”

  1. it has to be saved within the next ten years otherwise it will be too late.Whether it is by legal means or not! The second option is what I dread.

  2. Génération Identitaire gets it! Génération Identitaire is doing something about the survival of the French Culture. One of their member said it best: “We have nothing in common with them (Muslims/Islam)”. May God protect their endeavor.

  3. I admire these gutsy group – and this reportage is very much what I see personally when I spend a few months per year in France. What is sad though, is that the main media is completely dhimmified and/or infiltrated by islamophiles – Tariq Ramadin – the grand son of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, a world champion in Taquia, is one of the most populaire TV “personalities” on French TV – and the “Identitaires” are completely demonised as “Nazis/NeoNazis/Fascists” you name it – they get it.
    Lets hope that the French wake up and that there still is time – although sometimes I feel it’s rather 5 PAST midnight than 5 TO midnight.

    As to you, young identitaires: YOU GO !! DONT LET THEM ROB YOU OF YOUR FUTURE !

  4. Dale Hertz (sp?) CBN reporters closing statement needs correcting. The young identitaires were clear about their agenda NOT being about ‘ethnicity’. It’s about conflicting cultures. There are North Africans and Arabs and the Balkans that do not bring the ‘muslim’ or ‘shariah compliant’ culture with them. It’s not about race or ethnicity. It’s about the incompatibility of those who bring and retain Islam/sharia and its concomittant cultural intolerance, pure and simple.

  5. @wtd2:
    Just what I was about to say, reporter still trying to pretend these people are racist.

    Note: As a boomer myself, we had our own problems, but we didn’t have the cushions to fall back on, so we did the dirty work too.

  6. Speaking from the UK we rarely see a full burka women. But here in France it seems to be an epidemic. Sure here you do see the odd burka women peering at you but it you can always peer back at that imprisoned submissive mind or not. I never bother. I think in my town which has three mosques there is at the most one women who wears the burka. A lot of women wear the hijab but it is the more funky western type colourful one that the taliban would not approve of. I even saw a women in skuirt and high heels shoes wearing one the other day! So seeing the French situation is totally the opposite of the UK situation. Paris Claims wait till the number increase. Yes. That is right always.

  7. I don’t fully agree with you Don about not seeing women in full burkha’s that often. It depends where you live,and how often you travel through Muslim areas,, and if you go to the Airport when certain flights are coming or going, you’ll see plenty there too. Sometimes you don’t even take notice of the numbers because they’re so common in certain areas, but we spent a short break in the Lake district a few weeks ago,and saw two separate couples with women wearing face veils sightseeing with their husbands and looking so alien in that setting.

    I don’t care if they wear it for cultural or religious reasons. Either way, it’s an indication to me that they shun our cultural norms, or don’t mind offending the religious or secular sensitivities of others, with their ‘in your face’ Islamic attire. It doesn’t belong here, and I wish our government had the backbone to ban it.

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