Muslims name their children after Iranian missiles fired at Israel

I continue to wonder if there is a possible definition of savages or barbarians that does not perfectly describe Muslims and the culture Islam creates.

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4 Replies to “Muslims name their children after Iranian missiles fired at Israel”

  1. Muslims……ahhhh yes…the muslims…..

    Its madness…..sheer madness from a people who profess to follow a religion of peace….yet they prey on the weakest amongst their own……they are without a shred of honour, they are without a shred of humanity…..there is not a lover of peace amongst their millions….not one……not even the mothers….what wretched sickness manifest in a people lower than animals, lower than pigs and dogs……to find these people one doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel of humanity…..nay, to find these people one must lift up the barrel of humanity and find these revolting, withered forms of life…….these thieves of oxygen….this miserable waste of skin……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. @Don Laird

    Don, it is madness. These people are sick, and I mean criminally sick. Islam is 100% pure evil, top to bottom and inside out. Nobody with even one ounce of humanity (unless in complete ignorance) should ever support Islam or any of the twisted fuckers who devoutly follow it!

  3. Darn, the babies eyes were closed, I was hoping to see that same crazed glazed over look of genetic deformity that most islamics have, but to no avail, the eyes were closed
    do you think their first reaction when seeing their parents is screaming in horror
    if that kid were raised by say a decent family in the west, and didn’t bond with the crazies,
    would it still become a zombie?

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