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11 Replies to “Kuwait Uprising: Gulf oldest monarchy under attack”

  1. It’s to be expected. Soon, the entire Middle East (except Israel) will become one festering Caliphate. It will wield an enormous amount of Global influence, but at the same time will be full of conflict within, especially along the Sunni-Shia front. Our concern is to keep this crap from affecting the West too much, a difficult task now that we have the Muslim enemy within, but not impossible.
    It will lead to a war between Islam and the civilised free world with Israel being the cannon fodder. If Israel goes we all go, but Israel will not go. Israel will be the buffer that protects us from the worst of the damage. Wait and see. The Musloids wish to destroy the free world but their biggest prize is Israel. Israel is where they will fall!

  2. Once the Caliphate is reformed the war on the west will intensify, we need to fight before it is formed so we can defeat them in detail.

  3. I am not sure we can contain them by any means other then military force, and that would require that 1) the Caliphate reforms, 2) that the west recognizes the danger and 3) that we are willing to engage in another long cold and at times hot war. Even if the three conditions are met we may end up having to invade and conquer the Moslem nations.

  4. If we invade and conquer the Moslem nations, we should first ponder about what to do with the conquered women. The Moslem nations do have already their ideas what to do with women THEY conquer.
    To be realistic, it is highly unlikely our leaders will EVER recognize the danger of islam publicly. This means non-Moslems will have to form their own underground governments.

  5. oogenhand: I have an idea. First, we send the women to universities that only teach liberal arts which secretly has the agenda set by the Frankfurt school. Then, set up a court system where women always win against men for any sort of dispute especially domestic. Pave the way for the largest transfer of wealth in recorded history using this method so that it is clearly more advantageous for a woman to divorce a husband and take everything he has then it is to stay with him, no matter what sort of a guy he is or what the relationship is like, or even in the total absence for a cause of these actions but mere whim.

    You will destroy their cultures and civilization forever.

    How do I know?

    It worked on us.

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