Two men arrested for violent swarming of Ottawa woman

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Two men charged in violent swarming

Sarah Anderson
Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two 19-year-old Ottawa men have been charged following a violent swarming in an underground tunnel near the Campus Transitway Station on Tuesday evening.

A woman in her 20’s was walking through the underpass around 11:20 when she was confronted by two men.

One restrained her for several minutes while the other repeatedly assaulted her while searching her for items.

Two passersby intervened and held one of the suspects who was arrested on the scene, the other was arrested nearby within minutes.

Hamdi Abdi Ahmed and Ridwan Rachid are facing several robbery related charges and appeared in court today.

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4 Replies to “Two men arrested for violent swarming of Ottawa woman”

  1. Surprised CFRA even reported this story.

    The firing of that islam ass fawner Michael ” don’t you dare insult the prophet” Harris was a great thing. No doubt he will end up on either PressTV or AlJazeera, if not already.

  2. Swarming? Like they Swarmed around Lara Logan in Egypt. These bastards feel they can do whatever they want with women. They should be sent back to the rat hole they came from.

  3. They need to do hard time in an old fashion pen, one that makes them make little ones out of big ones for several hours a day.

  4. Why did I know that these subhumans have Muslim names before even getting past the headline? And when are we going to take notice before subhumans of this mentality are actually making the laws?

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