Once again, the Islamic Republic of Iran burned New Testaments!

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From MohabatNews:

.The office of Contraband Search and Seizure along with the revolutionary guards, in a routine border inspection of a bus, discovered 2 boxes, each containing 300 New Testaments, and after removing those from the bus burned them.

Monday, 14 March 2011

According to the report prepared by the Iranian Christian News Agency ” Mohabat News”  reporters, on Tuesday February 7, 2011, in coordinated operation between the Office of Contraband Search and Seizure and the Revolutionary Guards of the city of Salmas, in the Northwest province of Western Azerbaijan, discovered more than 300 New Testaments along with other contrabands such as alcoholic spirits, which were previously discovered and seized and in a special public viewing in the town of Derishk, burned all of the New Testaments and the seized alcohol.

Derishk is a small village bordering Turkey and is about 15 km from the town of Salmas.

According to this report, Mr. Ali Akbar Aghaee, the parliamentary member of the town of Salmas, claimed that the importation of such contraband merchandise indicate the weakness of the border guards and asked the security forces to be more alert and vigilant in these matters.

In a previous report published by “Mohabat News”, on October 28, 2010, a similar search and seizure of about 300 New Testaments had taken by the security and border inspectors in a bus headed for Tehran at the border crossing of Salmas, 90 km from the capital of the western province of Western Azerbaijan.


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