Spokesperson for Sharia for Belgium up on numerous charges, to be sentenced shortly.

Michael Laudahn translated this video for us of a fellow who should be quite familiar to most of us by now. Depending on the sentence, I may go over some of my footage of him that I believe Christian Action Network shot and see if any more of it is worth publishing.

Really though, will he ever get more than a few weekends at Club Fed and then win a lawsuit for USD $10,000,000 for unlawful persecution or something? Will whatever happens to him be a deterrent to him or any other jihadi in Europe?

Sooner or later we need to treat this like a war as opposed to a crime. They do. And it is.

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  1. UKIP couple have foster children removed from care The couple have been approved foster parents for seven years Continue reading the main story
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  2. Of course this vermin will be released and heavily subsidized by the idiot indigenous taxpayer. The ruling european “elite” knows very well just exactly what it is guilty of and has no other choice than try and delay the inevitable for as long as possible, in the vain hope that somehow, a miracle will happen, and all of this will quietly be absorbed and the fault lines will fusion. The ruling european “elites” know very well that money has continued to be dumped in this bottomless pit to keep an already unmanageable criminality from spiraling totally out of control. The ruling european “elites” know this very well. They’ve got no choice than to pay the indigenous pay on every level, in every manner. And the indigenous, with each day that passes without even so much a single manifestation of discontent, prove that they deserve to be treated as asses.

  3. Eeyore you stated our major problem, the Moslems are fighting a war of conquest and the west is treating all of their actions as individual criminal actions, we have to wake up and start fighting this as a war. The left doesn’t want us to realize that this is a war since that would give credence to everything their political enemies have been saying.

    Prime examples of this refusal to recognize this a war of survival on our part and of conquests on the Moslems part is the way people talk about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as being two separate wars,. They aren’t they are two separate fronts in one war.

    Another is the way many governments (the US especially) refuses to treat terror attacks in the US as acts of war and instead calls them crimes, they are acts of war and the people carrying out the acts are illegal combatants who should be tried as such.

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