Egyptians still attacking buildings etc. due to Mursi’s ‘Pharaoh like’ power grab


High court in Egypt attacked with explosives:

Once again, thanks to Magic Martin:

Protests continue well into the 24th

(Google translation for above video)

This citizenship says: “Squatting because we did not we get our rights … because the goals of the revolution did not materialize, we are here and we will stay in Tahrir Square until our demands are achieved.”
Many Egyptian governorates witnessed sporadic clashes between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and protesters, wounding dozens.
Another citizen said: “We demand to clear the Ministry of Interior and the sacking of Prime Minister Hisham Qandil, solving the Constituent Assembly of the Constitution.”

The thousands of people had gathered in Tahrir Square against the constitutional declaration that enhances the powers of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, at the expense of the judiciary by the Egyptian opposition.

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  1. This is brillliant, they are torching Muslim Brotherhood offices you say? Attempting to resist the tide of Islamic Supremacism. Well that’s it, it’s as good as done. Hague, Cameron, Obama, none of them will rest, the whole resources of the West will be harnessed: money, military, political clout, to ensue that the rational people have a choice..
    What, nothing? Not from the media, the politicians, nothing?
    How can this be
    Sounds like their earlier support for the “Arab Spring”, not to mention the millions of dollars and pounds was wasted.
    Gee, who new. Maybe they’ll resign.
    Who new?

  2. Egyptian judges announce strike in protest at Mursi decree

    Nov 24 (Reuters) – The body representing Egypt’s judges called on Saturday for an immediate strike in all courts and prosecutors offices in protest against President Mohamed Mursi’s decree expanding his powers.

    At a meeting in Cairo, the Judges Club called on Mursi to retract the decree and to reinstate Abdel Maguid Mahmoud, the Hosni Mubarak-era prosecutor general who was sacked as part of the decision unveiled on Thursday.

    Egypt’s Brotherhood calls protest to support Mursi

    Nov 24 (Reuters) – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood called for a mass demonstration in Cairo on Tuesday to show support for President Mohamed Mursi, who is facing a storm of protest for issuing a decree that expanded his powers.

    In a statement published on its website, the Brotherhood also called for shows of support in public squares across Egypt after early evening prayers on Sunday to show support for Mursi’s decisions.
    Parties opposed to the decree have also called for a protest on Tuesday in Cairo, though in a different square from the one where the Brotherhood called on its supporters to gather.

  3. I am amazed. Who would have thought secularists would go head to head with the soldiers of Allah. Indeed Richard these are interesting times. I hope you are well by the way.

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