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4 Replies to “More muslims busted in the USA today for terror”

  1. I always seem to ask the same question – why are Governments in the west letting these Islamists into our midst – when they know what their agenda is? Why aren’t they taking care of the people who’s countries are being overrun by this plague – a cult that has not intention of integrating with our ways or our societies. A cult that is very intent upon world domination. A cult that rejoices in death and destruction. Where are the strong, wise leaders of old? Long gone I suspect. We have inherited Politically correct and soft bellied leadership that is leading us into a very dark place.

  2. Patricia the Western governments were taken over by the left a long time ago, just as they have taken over most of the MSM, the leftist politicians and journalists working together indoctrinated people in the idea that nationalism is bad and that it is bad for whites to be proud of their race. Because of this the nations are afraid to insist that the immigrants assimilate into the base culture of their new home, and are afraid to screen the immigrants to prevent terrorists from entering.

    Welcome to the world the left built.

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