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7 Replies to “Ok who is this guy who was released back on to British streets today?”

  1. Where are the “moderate Muslims” protesting against his release?

    They won’t because they won’t turn against their own. They’d much sooner turn against the infidels than betray their coreligionists.

  2. Hate preacher Abu Qatada is to be given a new home at the taxpayers’ expense, it emerged today.

    The 52-year-old Jordanian that the Government has tried and failed to deport has asked to be rehoused.

    His lawyers confirmed that his request has been granted. He and his family will continue to live on state benefits in their new home.

    […]he and his family will shortly move from their current North London home to a secret address – all at public expense.

    In a statement, Edward Fitzgerald QC said: ‘The family are going to relocate and therefore Mr Qatada would accept the Home Office-approved accommodation.’

    He refused to say whereabouts in the country Qatada will be living but he confirmed that the cleric and his family had asked to be relocated.

    The surveillance operations to keep him under constant observation has been costing £5million a year and is set to continue indefinitely. The money pays for a team of 60 Scotland Yard officers, some MI5 officers and a private security firm.

    Qatada moved to his current £400,000 address near Wembley, north west London, in February.

    He returned there this week after his second period of time in prison. Housing benefit is understood to cover his current rent of £1,900 a month.

  3. The only money I’d spend on that pile of s**t is on a bullet to put through his head. To think that I struggle to pay for my bills and food after I’ve given money to keep that pile of c**p in luxury makes me want to vomit. Is it only good people who disappear, never to be seen again, these days?

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