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2 Replies to “Rhetorical self defense #3. ‘Defending Islam’”

  1. This is something we do not pay enough attention to, the difference in meanings of English words when use\d by muslims (always to their benefit) and properly used by non-muslims. If we continue to assume that our meanings for words are the same for muslims will lose this fight.

  2. WPF:

    Yes indeed. This is the basis for this whole video series in a way. Islam is about taqyyia and abrogation. Part of the whole taqyyia thing is deliberately misleading with proprietary definitions of words. Even our best journalists are not hipped to this enough to ask the right questions during an interview. Consequently the Muslim guest can claim they didn’t lie exactly, but that it isnt his fault that we ‘misunderstood him’ when he lied to us.

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