Debaets: “Christmas tree has gone because it refers to a Christian feast.

An original translation by ‘Wachteres’

Brussels News:

City of Brussels

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 11:35

Brussels town Councillor Bianca Debaets (CD & V) regrets that there will be no traditional Christmas tree anymore on the ‘Grote Markt’ Central Market Place) this year. will stand. “I suspect that its reference to religion has settled the matter is the decisive factor.” The city denies that this is the case.

Until last year every year there was a Christmas tree on the Grand Place.

The City announced Wednesday that this year there will be no traditional Christmas tree on the ‘Grote Markt’. Instead there will be an illuminated artwork in the form of a tree, an “electronic Christmas tree.”

Debaets is not happy with that decision. “After the ‘Christmas’ market was not allowed to be called a ‘Christmas market’ anymore, but ‘Winter Wonders’ now another element has to go that might refer too much to Christmas,” she says.

“The Christmas tree as such is not necessarily a Christian or a religious symbol, but it bears obviously a reference to Christmas. I suspect that this very reference of the tree will ban the Christmas tree from the Market. And that is a shame.”

Debaets thinks a historical and multi religious city should respect the traditions alive and should allow space for all convictions. “For a lot of people who are not Christians, the tree should take part in it,” she concludes from the reactions she got from residents and merchants.

“What will come next?” Debaets wonders. “All Easter eggs banned from the city because they refer to Easter? If this is the new style of the brand new Brussels City Board I fear for the outcome.”

According to Nicolas Dassonville, spokesman for Mayor Thielemans (PS), the change has nothing to do with anti-religious motives. “In that case we would have cancelled the crib?” he tell “But that will stay, and moreover, it is not true that there is no Christmas tree. On the contrary: by turning it into an illuminated artwork, we highlight the tree even more. Therefore, it will more than ever be in the heart of the ‘Grote Markt’.


Translated by Wachteres.

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  1. Egypt: thousands protest in Tahrir Square to call for Sharia law

    09 November,

    (ANSAmed) – CAIRO, NOVEMBER 9 – Thousands of protesters gathered Friday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square calling for the introduction of Sharia law in Egypt. Groups of Salafis asked for it to be the principle source of legislation in the country’s constitution.

    Protesters, including many men with long beards and women in veils, are collecting signatures for a petition in which they ask for the Sharia to become ”the basis of all laws”.

    ”Those who accept a constitution that renounces the Sharia will be considered a traitor of God and the prophet,” said a preacher from a stage set up in the large square, a symbol of the revolution that toppled former president Hosni Mubarak. ”Liberals and seculars are plotting against Islam to delete the Islamic identity of the country. They are only merchants of power, we can compare them to Satan and we must resist them and the Western plots”, said Mohamed el Sagher. ”Islam is not a chocolate bar with a sell-by date. It should always be applied and we will return to the principles of our forefathers,” he added.

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  2. So no Christmas tree?
    I would like to see a huge Christmas tree with an Imam on top, a great big thorny branch stuck right up his frequently sodomised arse.
    Something tells me that the historical Vlad Tepes did something similar to Muslim invaders.

  3. As I understand it, Vlad, ‘The Impaler’ Tepes (great name for a wrestler or porn star come to think of it) created forests of mustard invaders surrounding his cities which history leads us to believe, greatly diminished the desire of tard warriors to attack, loot and rape Romanian cities.

  4. Another attack on Christianity, if people don’t start fighting back all of the Christians will be forced to go underground to worship, and the Moslems will have won.

  5. Catholics fought back against Obamacare in our last election it was pathetic. Their numbers that voted against Obama was just a little less then it was in 2008. Still over 50% voted for Obamacare.

  6. The big problem is that the left has spent a lot of time and money propagandizing people so they don’t vote their religious values, if they have any. Some Preachers are starting to ignore the unconstitutional law that forbids Preachers and Priests from preaching about political issues and telling their congregations who to vote for.

    Also it takes time for people to start paying attention to the religious leaders and accept the fact that their religious freedom is under attack, that is why so many nations no longer have much religious freedom.

  7. Actually, it is an attack on ALL infidels, since the Solstice is celebrated by decorating the tree to celebrate the renewal of life (Return of the Sun, not son).
    I am told that the Christians nicked the idea from us, but then why do they kill the tree?

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