Ungrateful asylum seeking syrians complain about living quarters

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

From AVPixlatt:

ASYLUM SEEKERS: We all know what is happening in Syria. Indiscriminate shootings, bombings, with thousands of victims. Many of them flee the country, and little surprise that not so few find all the way up here. So far, Sweden has welcomed more than 4000 syrians, which Migrationsverket must accomodate in living quarters all over the country, while the asylum procedure lasts. We should believe the syrians are thankful for getting a roof over their heads, peaceful days, and that they escape from anything liking a war?

Forget it. Instead, they complain about the living quarters, that there are too many in the quarters. The owner running the quarters is criticised for sub-standard quarters. There was trouble, threats and vandalism at the quarters situated in Askersund, and police were called there 30 times within 2 months. Also police were attacked, and the manager was threatened last summer, when five asylum seekers turned violent.

“We came here to live like human being, but it didn’t come out that way. We live like animals. We escaped from the bombings, but here we can’t live either.” Who says so is construction worker Abdullah Allabdullah, with a tear-filled voice.

‘I think about death in Syria would be more honourable than what is life here.’
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6 Replies to “Ungrateful asylum seeking syrians complain about living quarters”

  1. They live better outside of Syria, even if that means bunking down in a cardboard box. If what they’ve been offered is not good enough they are welcome to go back. Any suggestions of violence or intimidation should mean immediate deportation.

    Why is it that the people continue to elect politicians who have no cojones?

  2. What did amaze me (again) was that the 2 officials shown – the younger man acting for Askersund municipality and the older guy from Migrationsverket – never even had the thought to blame the exotic intruders. No, it was always the swedes and their conditions that had to be blamed, while promising that next time they would do better, as they ‘can do better’. What kind of mindset is behind such a logic? This is perverted.

  3. Many homeless people live in far worse conditions. All of them would be happy to have a roof over their heads and to work for their food.

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