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6 Replies to “At last.”

  1. The French have a very mixed record in military achievement, but they also have a strong record in defending the French culture.

    Yes it has begun, and it will grow in size and probably violence over the next few months.

  2. Hi Vlad
    If you wants videos about french resistance against islamization, you can go to the biggest blog in France about national identity and fight against arabo-muslim invasion
    Fdesouche http://www.fdesouche.com/

    and you can go also in our blog : http://revoltes-en-europe.over-blog.com/

    As we know, islam is not only a french problem but an european problem and more western problem. We’re are afraid that 21th century will be worse the 20th. Nazis were amateurs compared to the muslims.

    French patriot

  3. Seems like the spectators ( muslims ) are really calm! Maybe they can see that they have to deal with large numbers this time.

    This will grow and spread to all of Europe.

  4. I support this group and the EDL 100%. They are the only hopes for France & Britain. Eventually they will have to come to terms with the fact that violence will be necessary to defeat the muslims. That’s a fact that cannot be denied.

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