3 rockets explode in south

I wonder. Are there any actual Muslim countries that are not at war with non-Muslim neighbors?

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Two rockets explode near Sderot, followed by another rocket in Netivot; No injuries or damage reported in either incident

Neri Brenner

Published: 10.10.12, 00:06 / Israel News

Attack on the south continues: Three Qassam rockets exploded Tuesday, two near Sderot and one in the town of Netivot. In both cases, the rockets hit open areas and no injuries or damage were reported.

Against the backdrop of political unease, in light of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s Tuesday announcement that the elections for the Knesset will be held earlier than expected, Sderot Mayor David Buskila commented: “Israel is heading toward election when there are still unresolved defense issues.”

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“The continuous rocket fire towards Israel indicates that something has happened to our ability to deter,” Buskila continued. “We shouldn’t let those who threaten us determine the agenda. At the moment, they’re the ones who decide that we won’t get any sleep at night, when we will wake up, or when we will run to the shelters – and we have no say in the matter.

“I think that when it comes to this threat, it would be best if the current government would hold office for one more year, until the end of its term, so that it would be able to address those issues and find a solution.”

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  1. A comment from Holland: We have a marrocan writer here, a good one, and one of his best phrases, in my opinion is: ‘islam is agression looking for a cause’. That kinda sums it up. The weird thing is that his sister completely defends islam. Islam does not only tear nations apart, or the world for my part, but even families apparently.
    As far as I know their is no islamic country -out of the 56- at peace with its neigbourhs or itself.

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